Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Morning

Good Morning Sunshine! Okay, the sun is not shining here. The old song is wrong. It does sometimes rain in Southern California. But our seasonal rainfall has been woefully inadequate. So, even though it's bad golf and motorcycle weather, it's good study weather and, besides, the water table needs a drink and I need to study.

Going to try to get some Contracts substantive law into my old brain today. That, and laundry. I won't go into the reasons why the laundry is piling up. And, of course, the laundry isn't going into my brain, it's going into the washer.

Taking advantage of a Fleming's lecture tonight on Corporations. The old Corporations. Apparently most Bar prep services are treating the new Agency and Partnerships material as a separate subject. That's probably a good thing.

So, Contracts and laundry all day; Flemings and Corporations all night. Bar prep is a glorious thing!



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