Saturday, May 5, 2007

Trust Me...

That's what my schedule for today says. Trusts are on the agenda. My outline on Trusts is short and it's a relatively simple subject. It looks like I'm about to take it for granted. I suppose I'd better read it three times and pay some attention to the past Wills and Trusts essays. It probably won't hurt if I look at Wills at the same time. I'll do that tonight, after class.

I'm sure glad my DSL problems are over. It's like having my truck in the shop. A very important part of my life was out-of-pocket. But that's over now. I'll need to check my Examsoft installation today to make sure it still functions properly. The last thing I need is to have that DSL problem turn into an Examsoft problem. That would be like having my truck and both of my motorcycles in the shop at the same time. I'd really be up the stinky creek then.

I'm working the BarBri Professional Responsibility StudySmart program this morning. It's available now as a download from their website. I mention this program for two reasons: 1) I'm in a PR review class right now and I need to brush up, and 2) it might come in handy for the Bar. Regardless, it's a good way to expose yourself to the PR rules again.

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