Friday, June 1, 2007

Busy, busy...

It's been a busy couple of days. What with trying to keep up with the work in my last class, keeping up with my ambitious study schedule, and trying to beef up my knowledge in the areas in which I feel weak, I'm feeling weak! Blah!

I'm sort of caught up now. And by "caught up", I mean that I'm only a day behind where I should be. I suspect most people studying for the July exam are feeling the same way, or something like it. And I should add that if you don't have that feeling then something's wrong. Or, perhaps you're that rare person for which things like this come easy. If that's you then I have one request. Please consider skipping the July exam and save your effort for a more difficult challenge. One that's worthy of your vast intellect. Something like, say, the February '08 exam. Yeah! That's the ticket!

Can I get an "Amen" from the congregation?

"Amen, Brother Poobah!"

Alrighty then. My schedule is set to get more intense next week. Right now I'm trying, and almost succeeding, to get 9 hours of study time in per day. Some days I actually get the whole 9 hours in, other days it's more like 4 or 5, and for a couple of days there it was closer to 11 hours. I set my goal high so I can average something reasonable. Have I mentioned that I really don't want to do this twice?

My wife is working real hard to accommodate me in my requests for study accommodations. And I think she's taking bets from the neighbors as to what shade of pale I'll be come August. I feel like one of those teeth whitening commercials. You can be 5 shades brighter in just two short months of studying for the Bar exam! She's looking forward to the 27th of July. That's Independence Day for us this year! I may have to buy some illegal fireworks. Wait. Scratch that. Did I just say "illegal"? My bad. It's a good thing my Moral Character Determination is done. (;-)>

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