Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Morning!

And welcome to another day in the trenches. I've got a wonderful case of trench-foot, trench-mouth, trench-back, trench-stiff-and-sore-shoulders, and if I had hair I'm sure I would have trench-hair. I can't wait to get out of the trenches.

Thanks for all of the recent comments. They've kept my head in this game (trench?) at a time when all I wanted was to sit on the bench. Or take my ball and go home. For those of you who have the unwavering, or even only slightly wavering, and cheerful support of friends and family during this ordeal, count yourself lucky. I'm sure it helps to lighten the load, or at least not to add any weight to what is already a substantial burden. Blah.

There's a group class with my tutor scheduled for tonight. I need to get some studying done but the environment here in my study-dungeon has lately become one in which progress is hard to come by. I think I might grab an armful of material and hit the streets. Or the Library. Or the local, or not so local, Starbucks.

My friend had a good idea last year. He has a lot of good ideas and he's a better student than I am so it serves me well to pay attention when he has a good idea. He found a lawyer with an office who had an empty smaller office and rented that internal space as a study haven separate from his job and home. Of course, this idea can only be taken advantage of if one has the resources to handle it. He does and I don't so I appreciate his offer to let me use the office when/if I need a secluded island upon which to study. It appears as if that day has arrived.

I believe I'll gather up my suntan oil, Martini glass, shaker, little umbrellas (do little umbrella's look good in Martinis?), and hit the road. The nice thing about this office is that it has wireless 'net access. Thank God for small favors.


Cutie Likes California Bar Exam said...

Please don't insult my favorite Matini. It will cry if you put a little umbrella on it.

The Grand Poobah said...

Worry not, Cutie, the Martini can apparently take care of itself. You know how magnets act when you try to push them together the "wrong" way? Well, the Martini does the same thing with the little colored umbrellas. The only thing it lets close is three green olives impaled on a little plastic sword. It looks like some truths are self evident.