Thursday, June 21, 2007

Speaking of "balance"... (revised)

I just got up from a nap. It's amazing how quickly I can fall asleep in the afternoon these days. Anyway, I spent the whole hour, while I was sleeping, issue spotting this Evidence essay that's in front of me now. I was going to write it for practice before I laid down but then decided I should re-charge my very low batteries before I actually put fingers to keyboard (hence, the balance reference). Then I spent most of that nap breaking down the objections and relating facts to the hearsay exceptions and inadmissible character evidence. I wish I could remember what I saw. It would have saved time.

I wonder if the weird dreams will stop on July 27th?


Anonymous said...

For the first few weeks I dreamt in multiple choice. Those long, long answers that you just don't want to read. Now I dream that people in the BarBri class are going to beat me up. So yes, I think your dreams will stop before the Bar (and give way to...). :-p

Blawgin' said...

Hey GP,
I got the info! Again, thanks so much. My cousin laughed and asked me who "B. Blawgin" was!

At this point, I think peace of mind is more important than cramming, so I think it's okay to take it a little easy so we don't burn out! Hang in there!

calbar blondie said...

I think it's all the information we are decompressing in our sleep; filing it all away in certain places. So this is why I can never recite a perfect rule statement!

Cutie Likes California Bar Exam said...

I am making a wish here. I hope @ your tomorrow's nap, there will be multi people and animals in a very exotic setting.

Alexis said...

It's good to read that I'm not the only one having these weird dreams/nightmares.