Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm making the obligatory predictions for today's part of the test.

The answers are going to be: A, B, C, and D; in varying orders and quantities.

Welcome, you are.

I had bizarre dreams last night. I mean, really bizarre. At least three, maybe four, dead people. The killer was nowhere to be found. I'm thinking it was the Council of Bar Examiners, in the Convention Center, with a Test. Does anyone remember that being an option when they played Clue? Neither do I.

When I went to bed last night I felt sure I had blown every part of the exam. But then I recalled the words of my study buddy who told me of her cousins who felt exactly the same way in February, and had passed.

I'll tell you what, though... Those people who make up the essay fact patterns are sick. I mean, Civ Pro and Torts? Evidence with no CA? A screwy commercial lease that smacked of residential-type breaches?

If nothing else, I've learned to take nothing for granted on Thursday. I'm not only going to use all of the facts from the essay, I'm going to include all of the facts from the questions!


Good luck to all today, and to all a good MBE!


Anonymous said...

I just got thru the 200 MBE's... am wondering what the Las vagas odds are on Civ Pro, Con Law and Agency/Prof Responsibility?

Mele said...

You have made my night! I stumbled onto your site. Well, I just took that nasty bitch in Sac. You had me laughing my ass off. I was right there with you! You are really hilarious. But I feel a million times better, b/c I was pretty consistent w/ what you and the other "Applicants" (Ha) said. How glad is everyone to stop carrying around a big Ziplock bag with your approved items?
I am waiting on pins and needles to hear the analysis of today! You should not burn the Declaration of Independence as you could kill someone that way.
Well, I feel good to have survived. If I fail, I will live.
It was my first time.
Everyone's comments are so funny. No one at my law school was that funny!

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks Mele, I just hope I still feel like laughing in November!