Monday, July 2, 2007

What? Back so soon?

Yeah, well, I couldn't make myself take the whole day off. After all, I had planned to write a PT today and I need more practice on those.

I didn't golf but I took my motorcycle out for a long ride on the mountain roads behind my house. Nothing clears the clutter from the mind like trying to pick a line through a turn at speed.

Now, about that PT.


Richard said...

hehe sounds like fun! I really need to get into the saddle and just go in for the duration - I think I will actually - I think it's very close... could be after i see Die Hard 4 when it comes out on Wednesday! lol

Jonathan Kramer said...


Even if you take time off, I'll bet you can't get 'elements' out of your mind. Over-and-over-and-over-and...

Am I right?

Thinking good thoughts for you...


Blawgin' said...

Welcome back to the study dungeon! =) More stressful to take a whole day off than it is to linger over some books and feel marginally guilty over never getting enough done, huh?

By the way, Richard, Die Hard 4 was awesome! Loved it and was the perfect release from studying!

The Grand Poobah said...

Richard: Yep. We have to buy into this thing sooner or later. A movie sounds like a great idea. I've decided that I must take a few short structured breaks. That might be one of 'em.

Jonathan: Between warnings to myself in my head against screwing up and inadvertently heading off the road and down the side of the mountain, thoughts of injunctions and nuisances danced through my head. It's a little comforting to know they're still up there. Thanks for the good vibes!

Blawgin: Thanks. I think it's good to be back. (;-)> Taking that time off was the right thing to do. When I came back I did a Spring Cleaning of the dungeon. It needed a good organizing.