Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it tomorrow already?


I know that in my previous post I said I would elaborate "tomorrow" on my new job, and I didn't follow through on that promise. So today is officially the "tomorrow" that I referred to on the 7th.

Back in April when I started my blog I hunted for appropriate sites to fill the link lists on the right side of the page. One of the first ones that I ran across was and shortly thereafter I discovered that it was run by a graduate of the school I attended.

You all know that I graduated from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law. Well, it turns out that Jonathan Kramer, the owner of the above mentioned site, was part of ALU's first graduating class. He had done what I was trying to do with one difference; he already had a successful business in which to apply his new attorney skills. Oh, and of course he wasn't trying to change fields entirely like me. (;-)>

So as the weeks of Bar Prep ticked by, I frequently found myself wondering if I could somehow put my IT skills to use in his business. I thought it would be cool if a couple of alumni from our not-so-famous school could work together. But I didn't seriously entertain that thought because I don't know much about cable TV, wireless, and/or antenna siting issues. And I didn't want to approach him on the prospect because I had no idea how someone like me might fit into his business and I didn't want to impose. If it was going to happen, I told myself, there would have to be a legitimate need on his part for someone like me and I couldn't suggest it because I didn't know what that need might be.

So imagine what kinds of thoughts went through my mind when Jonathan asked me to call him a couple of weeks ago.

Yep. All of that, and more.

It turns out that he had been sitting on an idea to expand his operations, and my experience and newly acquired education fit the description of the type of person he was looking for.

After a meeting over brunch to make sure that I wasn't actually a 12 year old girl masquerading as ... me; his idea firmed up a bit and we came to an agreement.

And the rest, as they say... well... there's no history yet. But I can see it coming.


calbar blondie said...

Good for you, GP! I am also happy to see that your alumni connection is working for you. Our alumni association(at a similar school to yours; not-so-famous and brand new)is just getting off the ground, but it's paying off big-time for many of us.

some guy said...

great! congrats! i hope you'll keep blogging, even if you can't mention work...