Friday, November 16, 2007

And the magic 8- ball says .....

The information that you have entered does not match with a name on the pass list. This may have occurred because:

1) the applicant was not successful on the examination,
2) the numbers you entered are incorrect,
3) a registration number was entered instead of a file number, or
4) the person did not take the examination.

I appreciate everyone's good wishes and support, but I know my PTs were inadequate. And I'll find out what else fell short when the mail comes on Tuesday. Or Monday.

For those of you who did like me, hang in there. We'll get it next time.

As for me right now, I'm going to hope that there was a typo!

G'nite all!


Anonymous said...

I didn't pass either. My condolences to you and me. I'm kind of numb and I've been ignoring the phone calls from friends and family. I figured I didn't pass because I definitely didn't do enough studying. I'm disappointed and tired. I wish you well. I'm trying to see if I have the energy to take the Feb. bar again.

xkx said...

you WILL get it next time.

I'm sorry...

Anonymous said...

GP - I been folloing your posts with interest since the time you were preparing for the exam. I'm sorry you didn't get the result you wanted. Cheer up, and the next time will be a charm. Regards, jr

Blawgin' said...

I didn't pass either, and I'm interested in finding out the results come Monday as to where I fell short. I suspect the MBEs...and the essays...and maybe the PTs...the whole test...

I'm tired and this year sucks. Hang in there.

Jonathan Kramer said...


Some passed this time; some have yet to pass. It took me more than once (twice...thrice...we'll leave it there) to scale over the Bar.

As I've said, and as I'll continue to say to anyone who'll listen, the only people who fail the Bar are those who give up before passing the Bar. It really is that simple.

Okay, back to the books for February.

Finally, please be kind to yourselves, and those around you, especially this weekend.

Thinking good thoughts for you,


Anonymous said...

Sorry GP. You'll kick a** next time. And I'm sure your blog will be a great comfort to another season of bar takers.

Anonymous said...

I got the dreaded news as well. I just do not understand. I know I cannot give up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry GP, I was so nervous today I woke up at 4:00am, saw your blog, it gave me some comfort and it was the first time I have ever participated in a public forum on a private struggle. Chin up and we'll emerge champions in Feb.

Bar Daze said...

Will still hope you entered a registration number instead of a file number. Hang in there - with your state's unbelievably low pass rate, I know a lot of good attorneys have to wait for round two. I'm sorry they designed it that way.

Blonde Blogger said...

I am so sorry. You SO deserved it. You will get it next time for sure!

Anonymous said...

I will enter my applicant# and file number a few more times before I accept my failure.

Maybe there is something wrong with the server.

If not, back to the Questions & Essays for Feb. Alomst Half failed/Half Passed? Sounds crazy.
Good luck to everyone else. Remember-you didn't fail the bar-the bar failed you.(hope that helps those who did not pass)

Liney said...

Hey - sorry to hear this... my advice? Move to another state :) We're all easier!

biff said...

So sorry. I will keep reading your blog if you keep it going.

meghan said...

Have been reading your blog and just wanted to say keep your head high, Feb. is your month! My husband didn't pass either, it has been a rough hour for us both. But there are worse things right!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get any good news either.
Like someone above said -- I'm a little numb right now. It was the MBEs. I stunk on those in all the practice exams.

BY THE WAY: Can you do me a favor? And anyone else who "did not pass" and took the Jul07: Can you guys find another source in your personal files and check to see if the "File:" number on the little plastic card matches your "Registration File Number" in your personal records? I don't think it's supposed to match, because when you get that message, it says you may have entered in your "Registration" number instead of your "File" number. However, I can't find a "File" number anywhere EXCEPT that "Registration File" number. So...

More than 50% of takers passed, in theory. I'm online and it doesn't look like anyone has chimed in saying they passed. So from what I've scoured on the Internet so far, 100% of the responses said they did NOT pass. Are, like, all the passed takers out drunk and thus not online? Yeah. Probably. Yeah, stupid me. Nevermind.

See you in February? SIGH.

gary said...


Keep your head uo You'll get it next time!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Sorry to hear you didn’t pass – I didn’t either.
I’ve enjoyed following your blog, and know that one day you will post an “I passed” entry. Keep on keeping on!

While waiting for the bar results today, I wrote the following poem. Thought you might enjoy it.

My thoughts so surrounded by my fear,
Will I get to see my dream this year?
Will it be my greatest victory,
or a chance for another tear?

A barren wasteland was my start,
With no aid but courage in my heart,
Will it be a shinning moment in my history?
Or just another broken part?

Greatness and success was the plan,
My only tool was “yes I can”
This accomplishment not just for me,
But partly to break the ban.

A ban on the poor and weak,
From learning how to think and speak,
Rejected by the tower of ivory,
No reward for those who seek.

Denied by the first scornful glance,
They won’t even let me have a chance,
Forbidden by their monopoly,
In the “kings new clothes” they are content to dance.

With one key stroke,
My curse could now be broke,
I can sense my destiny,
Don’t let my life be just a joke.

Whether I pass or fail,
I set my ship to sail,
Here there will be no mutiny,
His “will” must prevail.

I have given my everything,
Please let this heart now sing,
Of how a task done faithfully,
Can turn a popper into a king.

Jason A. Davis

calbar blondie said...

I'm not giving up. I'm going back in Feb. And so are you.
GO non-trads! Non-trads usually pass in February anyway.

Anonymous said...

To anon: I used the file & appl #s from a letter I got saying my moral character was being processed. I don't know if that's the same number on my badge from the exam--didn't check. At any rate the #s pulled up my name which fortunately was on the pass list.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pass either to my suprise. I thought the exam went well for me but I guess I didn't get over the hump.

I won't be taking the exam again as I am already admitted in two jurisdictions. I took Cali in case for some reason in the future I wanted to practise in CA. Well, good luck to all in the future. I think this exam is a tough one!

Max said...

My wife did not pass the bar too, but your blog gave us solace and comfort in knowing that we are not alone. Well we knew that we are not alone, but now there are some real people, behind the "reject" list. ;-)
Cheers to all!!! February would be the Month to do it right.

conbrio said...

I got bad news too. See you in February. At least I'll be in good company.

Anonymous said...

Damn right you'll get it next time! I didn't pass last July, but I did in February. And I felt way worse about the February's a freakin crapshoot.

God bless and keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a source of inspiration and comfort for bar takers everywhere. Best of luck, not just in February, but in everything you do.

Cutie said...

You will pass it! huggiz.

John said...

You will kick butt in February. Keep the fire burning!

Anonymous said...

I failed too. And I thought I was the shiz-nit. I thought I wrote the perfect essays and PTs -- all of em looked like the model answers I spent 3 months studying.

I swear the grader flips a coin and writes P or F on the exam.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how or where or whether repeaters can take out another bar loan? I need another 15k to keep me afloat while I study for round 2.

Please post answer here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

GP, I'm sorry to hear the news. I followed your blog all along and was rooting for you. Keep your head up!

Richard said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear that :( you reaally deserved it! you sure you put the numbers in the right way round? I put em in wrong first coupla times...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear. You will get it next time. Its ok. Don't feel discouraged. Take it positively and look at the areas you need to work at. You WILL PASS.

Alexis said...

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make it this time, you will come February. Good luck to everyone retaking.

Lou said...

I failed in February and passed this July. My weakness was the MBE and I really focused on becoming courageous enough to pick choices by process of elimination. I also only had 2 hours of sleep in February for the first two days. The bar is much more of a mental game (not to freak out) than it is a pure test of ability. I really feel for you man. Just focus on your weaknesses and take it from there. You will pass eventually.

Anonymous said...


I have been following this blog for quite some time. I was dealing with my own California Bar Exam nightmare. This July was my 3rd time taking it, and by the grace of some higher being, it seems that I passed.

I remember last year at this time how utterly devastated I was. The thing is that I never allowed myself to come to terms with the result. Instead, I beat myself up over it through the holidays and into February...and you can guess what happened on May 25th when I checked my results. I came up short again.

I know you are hurt and confused right now. That's perfectly OK. But whatever you do, after you have taken some time to grieve, let July 2007 go. You must believe that you can and will pass February.

You have been educated to pass this test. With a little bit of focus on your weak areas (for me it was writing), you will put this thing behind you.

We're all pulling for you.

Amanda said...

Sorry Poobah. Your result just shows the innate unfairness of this process. Stick with it- I know you have it in you. I'm glad to have gotten to know you through the process and I'll keep checking back until I see the good news in May. : )

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear this news as well. I can sympathize. I will retake in February, and pass that sucker before I turn42.

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

i have been following your blog for quite some time now. i have find your posts and the comments supportive, witty, and at times frustrating. i also will be retaking the bar in feb. when i saw my results yesterday, it was probably the most humbling experience of my life. i knew i didnt nail the exam, but i never thought i would not pass.

congrats to those who passed...and good luck to the retakers!!

Anonymous said...

I got bad news too. Are typos possible? lol! You're not alone. Hang in there. See you in February.

Anonymous said...

i didn't pass too. my mbe's were so low. we'll get it right in feb. keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

GP, I was devastated to read that you did not pass the bar exam. Like many other strangers, I've been following your blog as you've chronicled your experiences from studying to actually taking the exam. Your writings reminded me that I wasn't alone during some very frustrating and difficult times. Knowing that there were others out there with similar feelings of doubt helped me calm my nerves and kept me motivated to slug it out in order to follow my dreams. Thankfully, I was able to throw everything I had at the exam and ended up passing. I'm only sorry that I could not share my victory with you. I can only imagine how badly you must be feeling, but I hope that the outpouring of support from friends and strangers alike on this website gives you the courage and hope needed to press on until you finally find your name on that list. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear GP,

I didn't pass either and like all the others above have followed the blog fairly regularly. My story is not so great either, so here it goes and maybe it will give you comfort as this time around even though I didn't pass, I feel some relief in sight. I am originally from CA and my entire family lives out there. I went to school in the East, got married and never moved back to CA. I initially didn't practice law, then decided to, so after not being in the practice for 4 years, took the bar in the state where I live. However, I took it several times (and it isn't as hard as CA) before I passed. Then I decided I was ready to try the CA bar. I hope to move back there someday to be with my family. I put my all into it, studies from January of this year part time and really thought I made it. As I am licensed as an attorney, I waived into the MBE, that had always been my rough spot so I was sure I had passed. I felt good during the exam and although anxious as hell, thought I made it. I didn't. I went on your blog and as I read the stories of others like you who had tried really hard, had a ton riding on this stupid exam, I felt less alone. This time (despite my failures from before) I told myself I needed to focuse on my goal, my dreams and my future. You should too. Another thing, never let someone tell you can't do something. If you decide for yourself eventually you do not want to do it, or you can't that is a different story. However, by letting them decide your destiny, well that is just it, you by default let them win.

I already signed up for February and although I work full time and this is going to be a nightmare, I am determined to pass and refuse to let them win this game.

I think you would be a great asset to the legal profession and am sure you will make it in Feb.

Anonymous said...


I was also another non-passer for the July 2007 bar exam and I share in the same feelings of many on this board. While all the words of encouragement by many who have passed and will pass the bar exam, help me through this difficult time, I still feel a sense of emotional imbalance thinking of the long and windy road ahead. On the brighter side, we have already gone through this once and will be better prepared to put our best foot forward. I wish you the best in your studies and hope for a successful 2008. As previously stated in another post, I too am also very happy to be in good company for February. Best wishes to all that passed and will pass in the near future.