Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Interesting data.

What it means, exactly, escapes me. The link was provided in a post to the Yahoo group. It seems to be legitimate because I found the same page by searching the State Bar site.

Pass Stats Summary

I can't begin to describe the way this whole process is messing with my head.



Update: I have my doubts about the legitimacy of the PDF at the above link, but I'm not going to delete it (yet) for a couple of reasons.

One reason is that it doesn't really mean anything. At least, not right now. Because even after the results are released the statistics are merely a curiosity. There's nothing in them that will help or hinder my preparation for the next exam.

The second reason is that it seems very odd to me that they would release any type of statistics before they release the results. I don't think that's happened before. The MBE results are known because that's in the hands of the NCBE, and the CA Bar doesn't have any control there, although I suspect they could exert some influence if it was important enough to them.

The upshot of all of this is that the only statistic that matters to me is my overall score. Because frankly, anything else, whether it be stats, opinions, guesses, or each and every one of the model answers released by the experts; no matter how well informed or intentioned it is, it's simply background noise compared to the Mother Of All Scores.


biff said...

Here is the point: if you want to pass, don't get licensed in another state first. Also, don't take the exam in February.

calbar blondie said...

I had no idea they published this before results came out! Best of luck to you, GP!

The Grand Poobah said...

Biff: Valid points, Counselor.

Blondie: Ditto. And back at ya'! I didn't expect any statistics or released answers until December at the earliest. I think they're just trying to torment us.

Tim said...

Just spoke with CalBar. July stat is not available yet and they believe the stat is in error. Plus the website shows the listing date as 5/25/07, which was before the bar. but then they might be saying that to cover up some internal mistake.

Anonymous said...

This is real torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I beleive the stats are real. This is a whole conspirarcy to torture the July Bar examinees..............

Anonymous said...

I'm delirious, unable to concentrate. You know the sad thing is, I work as a Contract manager with DoD so govt doesn't even care that I have a bar license but I CARE! I've been praying in my cubicle to St. Jude... People in my office are avoiding me...

That countdown clock is EVIL! Yet I keep staring at it... Why can't I STOP?!!!

Cutie said...

i just want to say: i love you all very much. (hand in hand, everyone, now)

we shall make GP t-shirt (xs to xl) " survivors of 2007 july bar exam..."

Anonymous said...

No matter what...

Anonymous said...

Hey, GP,
You are a real celbrity in the town now. You blog might be the hottest one, at least in the 07' Bar forum. Thanks for all the messages you conveyed for us in the same boat.

Let's pray now, for the good for all!

The first thing I googled about the 07' Bar is your blog. Great!

How can i get access to the MBE part since you said it's already out?

longtime reader first time caller said...

The document description field shows that document as having been created yesterday at around 6PM.

I'm not going to do too much more looking - hoping that this draft of the pass statistics is close to accurate thus giving us all a little cause for encouragement. Just glad I didn't graduate in 04!

last call at the bar said...

Good luck tomorrow, GP!! As a first-time taker of a July exam and not licensed in another state, you've got some good odds in your favor!

The Grand Poobah said...

Tim: I would classify their response as ambiguous. They didn’t tell you that it’s incorrect, and they didn’t remove it from the site. I suspect they copied it to the server with the intent to make it live later. That makes me wonder though, what else might be up there that someone hasn’t yet discovered?

Anon: I concur! Torture it is! Maybe we can get them via the RICO act!

Anon: St Jude! That’s a great idea! And here I thought that there wasn’t a patron saint for lawyer-wannabe’s! The countdown clock has an effect on us like a deer looking into the headlights of an onrushing Mack truck. We know it’s gonna’ hurt yet we can’t avoid the impact.

Cutie: Not a bad idea. And we can use Biff’s mug shot. That ought to prove to everyone that the test drove us insane!

Anon: Cheers, indeed! Prost!

Anon: Celebrity? If that’s the case then it just goes to show how warped our thought processes have become under the pressure of this exam. If nothing else, we can point to that as proof that the CA Bar is indeed the most heinously difficult one in the known universe!

Longtime Reader: Hey, thanks for calling! No, thank you!

And I think you’re close to the truth there; on all points.

Anonymous said...

The list is real. Searched from the Cal Bar home page and this document came up. Can't be fake if it showed up from a search on the Bar site itself. The NY Bar released its results today, and they have record high numbers. I think this suggests that the MBE, overall, helped significantly. Hope this spells relief for those of us sweating that portion.

Good luck to all tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

GP, let me add to the chorus of praise. I think your site was also the first one that came up when I googled. I came here for commiseration throught bar prep and after, and I also became a regular reader of some of the blogs you link to.

Good luck to all!

The Grand Poobah said...

Because Anon asked ...

Here;s a link to one of probably many State Bars that release MBE results that includes the National scaled average of 143.7.

Jonathan Kramer said...


Ah, pardon me, but I can personally assure you that it's possible to pass the February administration of the hazing.

Even as a repeater from a non-club (ABA) school, it's possible.

Some say it's luck; some say it's prep; some say it's where you take the exam. I say it's dammed nice to pass however you do it!

Jonathan Kramer, Esq.