Friday, December 28, 2007

Invited, I am!

I received my admission ticket today. So I guess I'm good to go. Examsoft's been loaded. The hotel reservation has been made. Got my admission ticket. All I have to do now is make sure I can dance!


Jonathan Kramer, Esq. said...

Brian (and other Examsofters), don't forget to TURN OFF your MS automatic updates. It seems like that is a major cause of crashes during the test.

Now, Brian, TURN ON your study cells and get cracking.

One of your bosses.


The Grand Poobah said...

Turned off, automatic update is!

Another thing for everyone to keep in mind is that we can test the functionality of our Examsoft installation by occasionally uploading the mock exam. However, Examsoft has limited the number of times we can perform that test. We are allowed to upload the mock exam only 4 or 5 times before the real Exam.

I bring this up because if something happens to someone's laptop that causes them to question whether or not the software still works, it can be tested by starting the program in secure mode and going through the motions.

But speaking from experience, don't get test happy and use up all of your uploads right away. (;-)>

Now, If I could only find the "on" switch for those study cells! It's kind of dark up here....

Aha! There it is!

Engaging... Now!

Suzie said...

Excuse me for being slow exactly do you turn off your MS updates?

Also, I don't think there is a deadline for uploading examsoft for this examination (as there was for July's) I wrong? I plan on doing it within the next few weeks, as long as I figure out whether my laptop will get me through another examination. (I still received my admission ticket though without having certified yet).

Jonathan Kramer, Esq. said...
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Jonathan Kramer, Esq. said...


In the Start > Control Panel you'll find the option to control Automatic Updates. Make your changes there.

Good luck come February (and May).


The Grand Poobah said...

Suzie: What he said.

And you might want to check out this archive where I mention some of the precautions one should take to help head off potential Examsoft problems ...


cat said...

Happy New Year GP and to all your visitors and faithful followers as well. The Queen sends her best wishers to all bar applicants and success to one and all in Feb 08. It was a nice break - saw a beautiful presentation of "Carols by Candlelight" at the Royal Albert Hall, near Hyde Park. Highly recommend that to anyone who finds themselves in London in December. I did manage to commit to memory my CivPro outline while I was there. So that was good in that I kept my study momentum all through the trip. Happy to be back and glad I am still in a good study momentum. All the best to everyone - have a great 2008!

calbar blondie said...

Hi GP,
Received my admission ticket the day before you. I hesitated on certifying the laptop too soon because I thought I might invest in a new one. Decided not to, so here I am.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jonathan Kramer, Esq. said...

Hi Cat (and Blondie!)...

CAT, my wife and I travel to London over the Christmas/New Years break about every other year. We'll likely do it again come this December. Here's a photo from the return flight on our 2005 trip:

Last year we were in London on the way to/from our South African trip to Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa. Only about 10 time we go to Africa we'll spend a few days in London each way. That's civilized.

It's our fav time to visit the city when it's relatively quiet, see West End plays, as well as virtually anything playing at the National Theater (which gives my wife the excuse to shop at the Dazzle displays).

Welcome home, now get studying in earnest!


Jonathan Kramer, Esq.

Catherine said...

Hi GP, this is for Jonathan - I love London and am out there 2-3 times a year. I love walks in the parks. Yes, it is civilized, and old style theatre gives a better feel although some of the theatres were built for malnourished Victorians, seats are way too small : ) : )- saw "Lord of the Rings" and "The Country Wife" this trip. "Lord of the Rings" is technically amazing (not recommended as a musical unless you enjoy the technical aspects of stage productions) and "The Country Wife" which is about being "cuckolded", hilarious Brit style - thoroughly enjoyed it. Checked out the site you mentioned - another world that I didn't know about - my hubby used to make one of the components for those cell towers : ) : ).

Have a great year and if your wife loves shopping, Dec 28/29 are the craziest shopping days in Knightsbridge, especially at Harolds and Harvey Nichols.

Have a great year!


Suzie said...

Thanks for the computer advice.

I just shut off my updates but am a little worried since it says that my computer might be at risk now. For all you tech savvy people--is this risk better than the risk that automatic updates might do to examsoft?

Jonathan Kramer, Esq. said...

Cat, we try to avoid Boxing Day. Too crazy!

How is it that you're lucky enough to get to London 2-3 times per year!?


cat said...

Hi GP - sorry to have to use you as a conduit - this is again for Jonathan. I am just a lucky housewife, I guess and love to punish myself by trying for the CALBAR. Seriously, when I pass the CALBAR, I'll try and get licensed in UK. Looking to specialize in international law which means I'll be focussing on EU law and eventually China law. I am doing this purely out of interest. Practising and making some money eventually would be a bonus and icing on the cake.

Yes, Boxing day and the few days after are about the craziest days on the streets of London but I am fine because I didn't go there to shop - so I am enjoying quiet walks in the parks while the shoppers go crazy : ) : )

Like you, after I pass the bar, I would like to do whatever I can to help others through it.

The Grand Poobah said...

Suzie: Microsoft uses the auto-update process to send all types of updates, most of which aren't critical. Many people turn it off as a way to get a little control back from Microsoft. They usually check for updates manually then pick and choose which updates to let Microsoft install.

The risk is very low that anything bad will happen and you'll be able to turn it back on after the exam.

I've already disabled it on my computer.

Cat: No worries. But if you two are going to sit at that table all day, make sure you tip the waitress accordingly. (;-)>