Sunday, February 17, 2008


... for those who like to guess. Educated, it is; but it's still a guess.

These are pretty consistent with what I've seen others predict. Which means, of course, that you should study everything but the predicted subjects.

But then you should also study the ones they expect too, just in case.

Oh, what the heck. Just be safe and study everything!

As for me, when crunch time cometh, it'll be hard not to pick up a subject that everyone believes will be on this test. So I suppose there is some value to these things after all. Check back with me on the 29th. (;-)>


APGIC said...

My bar class and a firend's bar class both predicted Wills and Trusts and I feel there is a high probability. Also Civpro and PR and contracts, but not evidence!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I wish you the best of luck. For Some reason I have been checking your website fairly consistently and I know what you are going through as my girlfriend is going through the same emotions as you. Best of Luck

Anonymous said...
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The Grand Poobah said...

Please, if you want to sell a product through my blog, ask me before you simply post an ad. If you ask permission, there's at least a small chance that I'll let it stay. Heck, I might even endorse whatever it is you're selling. But if you post it without asking, I'll simply delete it out of hand.

This has been a public service announcement! We now return to our regular programming!

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

I just took John Holtz class yesterday and it was great! You're right, one can't say enough great things about him.

Good luck on the Bar!

Anonymous said...

PB - Best of luck on this exam. With your preparation and the goodwill propelling you on this one, I'm sure you'll pass.

Because I took Feburary's administation of the exam one year ago, the emotions and sensations of that period are slowly creeping back to me. While we may never personally meet, our common experience in this hazing ritual makes us members of a club of sorts. I'll be rooting for you.

You've got the best bar blog going. Looking fwd to your post-bar debrief.


Anonymous said...

Well PR was full blown yesterday and Crim Pro 5th and 6th with Crim Law Murder and a torts negligence question was there

hmmm.. what will tomorrow bring