Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Saturday! Only 45 Study days left until Crunch Time!

Don’t you know that I’m very tired of saying that?

But I got some good advice yesterday that I believe is going to make this third time the charm.

Allow me to explain. My school used past bar exam essay questions for our final exams. While this was a good way to expose us to the material and format of the exam, it also ingrained one very bad habit. The bad habit was that we were learning to write answers to bar exam questions in law school style. The unfortunate result in my case is two failed attempts at writing bar exam style answers to bar exam questions.

I learned yesterday, in a very specific way, what I was doing wrong and how to change it.

Besides improving what I put on the paper, it should allow me to spend more time on my analysis and less time on the non-points-earning part of my answer.

Now all I have to do is develop a better plan for the PTs.

One thing at a time though, one thing at a time.


Weezy said...


While they may write the questions, YOU control how you react and how you attack! So indeed this is AWESOME news!!!!

It's all coming together!!!!


SavesWater said...

Thanks for the blog GP. I failed feb too, and am back into the studying for july. It sucks balancing a full-time job, three small kids, a wife and bar study, but it is do-able. I am also doing lots of essay writing based on the released q's going back to 2002. Pretty painful, but this is where I did not spend my time during jan/feb, and it is where my scores sucked, so it is where I need to be focused. I actually take the three hour block if I can, but more often I've been doing this an hour at a time, then "grading" my answer using the released answers. The process is generating a good pile of rule statements that I did not make as clearly as I could or that I made just plain wrong. I too need to dig in to the PTs here sometime soon. Yikes.
The exam countdown ticker is classic! Kick ass in july...I plan to.