Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It seems that the market for bar prep material ...

... is a veritable cornucopia; constantly overflowing with goodness and flavor. (;-)>

After the exam I'll render opinions on the programs and material I used to pass this thing. I say "pass" because I feel confident that I've figured out a way to solve my particular problem(s) and that I'll be successful in this, my third, attempt.

And speaking of a never ending supply of a (good?) thing. If you want to find a particular post I might have made some months earlier and have no idea which archive link to click on, you can simply click here to list every post I've ever made. It doubles as a sleep aid.

And, since I've said about every original thing I can think of to say about my struggle to pass this exam, I'm going to post comments people have made which detail what they did or what they changed about their study regimen to get over this high hurdle. It might prove useful to some of us.

Tuned, you should stay.


Anonymous said...

Can you share what specifically was your particular problem and how you figured out how to overcome it?

Aspiring Solo said...

Greetings, can across your bar study blog and am enjoying it. I write about the same stuff at my blog. Come visit and/or link to me when you get around to it.

Anonymous said...

GP: Tell us poor jamoches some of what you discovered so we aren't searching for another blog when we are 90! Thanks, man.

What do you think will be key to passing this time? Maybe there are some that can incorporate it now and move on into the sunset with ya.