Friday, December 12, 2008

Study plan...?!? What Study Plan?


But, then, we all have our own unique challenges, don't we.

And we all push through.


I'll have more on my study plan, for those who are interested, in a week or so.


Anonymous said...


Hang in there friend. I am right there with you, in more ways than you can imagine. Chin up. We will all prevail. All the best for the holidays.

Gabriel N.

Liz said...


I'm sorry to hear about your financial situation. I feel you on many levels.

I've decided to sit for the July 2009 exam, because I need the time to work to scrape together some cash before I study again.

Your blog has been a joy to read, both your entries and the comments. It's really been an inspiration to me.

I am hoping you ROCK THE BOAT in February! Make us proud, and keep us up to date.

Anonymous said...

Hi GP,
I am sorry if I struck a nerve. Its hard to study with the holidays coming up.

Best of luck, your blog has been a pleasure to read!

Anonymous said...


I don't know what you are going through. But get a load of this one. I work part-time. I thought this was great to provide a little extra money to cover some bar related costs. Plan goes down the tube fast. I got sick and NO HEALTH INSURANCE. Two days in the hospital and the grand total of the bill was a whopping $89,000, along with $424 for prescriptions for a month.

Employer will let me buy health care from them at a great price of $393 per month, plus an additional $40 per each medicine for copays, totalling the great deal of $633 per month.

Oh yeah, the County says I am not poor enough, so I am gonna have to pay that bill too.

As the economy takes a tank, and I move my humble abode to under the overpass, I keep on with the MBEs and the bar exam studying.

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon 1:46: No worries. You didn't strike a nerve. But even if you had, I wouldn't have felt it because my nervous system is overloaded. (;-)>

Anon 7:22: Looks like it's monsoon season at your house too. I can relate, my friend. At least your pain was accidental. Mine was self inflicted.

Anonymous said...

I posted this comment on No Hard Feeling's blog, but so it will actually get read, I decided to post it over here on GPs. I think its important for the NHF ilk to be outed for sad people they are and will become.

"NHF chronically overestimates his self worth and intelligence. He strikes me as the sort of ego who never makes partner because of an absolute failure to attract a single client.

I was recently talking to a SF district court judge (with biglaw experience) who related to me how biglaw lawyers are unhappy people who hate their lives and neglect their families. Their children grow up with the same deficiencies as those growing up from single mother's in housing projects. A complete lack of a positive male figure in their lives. Meanwhile the only people that get to enjoy the biglaw cash is their wives who spend biglaw cash like mad in search of elusive spending pleasure. Soon they have an affair with the fit happy go lucky tennis instructor, divorce you and take your cash. 10-20 years later you have kids that hate you, you are bald, you have a spare tire hanging over your hips, and herpes from the whores you pay to fuck you. In the end, no one envies the biglaw douche.
Keep being an abrasive asshole NHF, karma will have a way of rubbing your manhood off with coarse sandpaper."