Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well ...

... I thought everybody who was getting accommodations had already taken the last day's essays. If that's not the case, then I apologize. To myself and to everyone else.

I saved the text so I can re-post it later. But the last thing I want to do is to give some unscrupulous candidate an unfair opportunity to bump me, or anyone else, down below the pass line.

I was afraid I had done that back in July of '07, so I waited until Friday to do this recap. I guess I'll never learn.

On one hand, anyone who cheats to get his license is likely going to crash and burn pretty quickly in his law career. On the other hand, I don't want to still be taking the darn thing when he does it.

Again, my apologies.


Anonymous said...


I saw you, or someone who looked like you, in Spires restaurant at about noon on the day of the MBEs picking up a take-out order.

Anonymous said...

GP. they were already asking on Day One on all4jds about the questions. Some people already blabbed.

Anonymous said...

It is really not an issue. You did not post until that Friday night, and I assume that by 6 pm or so, the test was ended right?

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is this...who gives a shit?

This exam was no different than the previous 39 exams...meaning all you had to do is:

1) Read the fricking question carefully

2) Spot the fricking issues

3) Write a half ass rule that may apply

4) Analyze the shit out of the given facts

5) Write a conclusion which no one gives a shit about anyway

Performance tests are always going to be the same no matter what...

1-5) See above

6) Make sure you include or at least comment on every bit of what is given to you in the Library


1) Know the nuances of each and every rule in the Conviser

2) When and if in doubt, throw a fricking dart at whicever choice looks best...

Good luck people, stop thinking about this fricking exam for the next FOUR months and move on with you boring lives

Would not mind seeing this soap box turned off for the next FOUR months

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:45 AM is an anti-social member of a social network with an infatuation with a blog that he/she wants to shut down. Wow! Is this what the bar exam leaves in its wake?

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon 7:29: Yeah, that was me. I was trying to eat something more than fruit and a protein bar for lunch. I figured a Cobb salad would do the trick. It was okay. Much better than the one time I mistakenly ate a lunch full of carbs back in Feb '08. Man, talk about sleepy time. I don't think it was a coincidence that I got my lowest MBE score on that exam (123 raw).

Anon 8:18: The Bastards! Nah... I was pretty sure the basics of the essays would be posted there, among other places. Regardless, I didn't want to be a part of that process.

Anon 8:58: That was my thinking. Which is why I waited until after noon on Friday to post this.

Anon 9:45: Yes. And ...

Anon 11:50: Some things are just not fixable. Fortunately, the world has a way of sorting things out.