Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the spirit of ...

... what's the word ... sharing?

When anyone finds a link to other tutors' sample answers to the July '09 questions, send it to me or leave it in the comments. I'll post it here so everyone can peruse and evaluate on their own.

Fair enough? I think so. If you disagree ... well ... leave it in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Gotta be honest here folks. What's the point of reading sample answers now? Most people won't remember exactly what they wrote, and will likely delude themselves into thinking - "oh I hit that issue", "yep, got that one" or freak out because they won't remember which issues they hit and which they didn't.

Also, until you have your answers back - (which you don't really want back because you want to pass and dont ever want to see your exam packets) - there is nothing currently to compare.

Also, GP, i understand why you don't want to take an exam off, although I don't think it was recommended so that you could "relax". Your call, but you're presuming a lot since it doesn't sound like you've discussed that option at all with those supporting you. Give them some credit for understanding how difficult the whole exam process on yourself.

Anonymous said... HAD 2 answers posted. As of now there is nothing. I think they are working on having them ALL published at the same time sometime soon.

Keep checking.

Also agree, with the previous response that there is no use of reading answers now BUT it still somewhat it makes me estimate my chances of whether I will pass or not.
I still want to see the answers - model answers that is - I HOPE and I pray that I NEVER EVER SEE my own answers again b/c that would mean I PASSED.

Blogger said...

The only time I didn't care what the sample answers were is when I passed. I was so OVER IT by that time, coupled with the fact that I was sure I had failed, that I didn't really care.

I'm still convinced that, even if you hit all the issues, and even if you discuss most of them relatively well, it's up to some arbitrary dumb luck whether or not you pass. So if it makes you feel better to look, look.

I think the point that everyone is missing here is that the system is what is broken, that everyone is set up to fail, that we should be helping each other and sharing, not tearing each other apart. Then again, what the hell do I know. I'm only a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Qs 1-3 are now posted!

Anonymous said...

Remember what you wrote??? I can't remember what issues I wrote about a few of the essays and I believe that looking at the answers he's helping me to believe I may have actually passed.

Just like Law School, the more you know...... the worse you think you did.