Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To All ...

... And to All, A Good Study Session!

Okay, just kidding about the study session thing. 

Merry Christmas, everyone.  May our next Christmas be cheery and bright (with a brand new license hanging on our wall!)



Anonymous said...

Marry Christmas to you, too, GP! And may all your wishes come true.

legis said...

Merry Christmas to you too GP.

Anonymous said...

WARNING: To all of you who plan on using published past exams to do your studying.

DO NOT go to any exams older than 1998. The CA state bar completely overhauled their grading criteria and calibration requirements that year.

This coming from a Stanford professoe of law, who also graded for 6 years during that time frame.

Good luck to all with your studies.

Anonymous said...

When does The State Bar of California publish the July 2009 model answers to the 6 essays and the 2 performance tests on their website?

Anonymous said...

The model answers are usually posted on the State Bar website shortly after the 1st of the year.

Anonymous said...

TO: Stanford professor of law, who also graded for 6 years during that time frame.

..and the new "grading criteria and calibration," is ...?

Did the directions change?

Does IRAC no longer work?

Is 60 the new 70?

What should one be noting when they read the CA bar samples from the old exams? I see issue spotting, rules, analysis and a conclusion. The only difference I can see between old answers and new answers is the volume of typing. Clearly, there were many more 2 page 80's in the 90's.

Anything else change? Thanks.

susan said...

Happy Holidays!! I'm hoping to follow your blog this time!this is my 3rd time trying and I hope I made the right decision in taking Flemings. I feel I'm pretty behind with the black letter law at this point but hope to start doing more practise essay by next week...hope everything is going well with you bar prep!

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year to you and all other GP followers. Be safe and keep your heads up high, we ALL will get through it soon enough.


Anonymous said...

So the grading and calibration changed in 1998, I don't think the issues that we need to spot have changed or the rule statements for that matter or the analysis that we have to write to come up with passing answers. Most bar prep courses such as Barbri and Barpassers and Emerson's use essays from the 1990's and it doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

Thanks for the tip, for what it's worth to know things changed...