Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Know I Can!


Hana said...

Yes, you can!

Anonymous said...

You certainly can and will make it.
Keep studying. Your blog provided a lot of info which I used in preparing for my study. Cheer for you Poobah, !!!!!.

BTW, did you find John Holtz's one day PT helpful to boost the PT score in the last week of the preparation?. I did not prepare for the PT but bought the Flemings, I cannot do the outlines like they taught in the book, is John Holtz capable to alter the student's perspect in their writing style in the last week. Very appreciate your comments re: JOhn Holtz.

Anonymous said...


No different than preparing for a Sprint Triathlon. My goal was to be able to Swim 770 yards in 14 minutes, bike 14 miles in 56 minutes and run 3.5 miles in 28 minutes, for a total time of 1 hour 38 minutes, this to include the 2 required transition times.

Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

hey bud,

i started following you when i took the bar exam - july 2007. i think that was your first attempt too. i passed in feb 2008.

ive been checking out your blog around exam time to see if you're taking another crack at it...looks like you are.

also, take solace in the fact that having passed in 07 - wouldnt make too much of a difference as the legal market nearly imploded since.

good luck! you will prevail.

Change of Venue said...

Good Luck, GP! You CAN do it, just like the Little Red Engine.

Anonymous said...

everyday when you wake up,
make up your mind that you are done with taking this exam

every night from now on when you go to sleep know that you are prepared as ever

every moment when you are in that exam, breathe for you are alive and you are the one who is writing a passing exam

every break you get, be happy and satisfied, you are doing what you set out to do

when its over, go home and forget about it


Anonymous said...

"This name appears on the pass list."

Hi GP,
This is what you will see on your computer screen this November. I haven't checked your site in awhile, but by the looks of it it seems as if your are in the thick of it and studying. I've said it before in past posts, but this is YOUR EXAM and you will own it next week. Kick ass next week and keep the faith. Will say a prayer for ya! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck GP, we're all rooting for you. Visualize success, and it will be yours!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi GP,
I know you can do it! It doesn't how matter how many times you have taken it! NO ONE ever asks how many times it took.

All that matters is you passed.

Go kick some butt!

Anonymous said...

Let's go GP! Get er dun!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, GP and to all who are taking the exam next week!

Anonymous said...

Hi GP ....
I truly admire your endurance. I just want to say IF you don't pass, God forbids, this july, just take ONE adminstration off. Then come back in July 2011. I hope you do pass. Good luck to you!