Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yes, indeed, the questions from July 2010 have been released.

And man, I never thought I'd still be here, after all this time, waiting for results of yet another bar exam.   But here I sit.  Yes I do indeed.

But hey, at least I'm still sitting here.  I know some folks who haven't had the opportunity or the good fortune to be able to stick it out for this long.   You all know how rough my road's been.  I consider myself lucky on a number of fronts to still be here.  And one of those fronts is purely physical at the moment.

What the heck does that mean, you ask?  Just this ... on Friday the 24th of September my motorcycle spontaneously regressed to one of the states it was in during the early stages of its formation - a state that closely resembles a pile of parts.  This late version of that state is different from the early version however in that there ain't no way any of those parts are going back together again.

As for me, I'm still in one part, although this one part is minus quite a bit of blood.  Those of you familiar with "road rash" know of which I speak.   Fortunately, I still have the use of all of my limbs except for, temporarily, the tip of my left index finger which was, at one point, a compound fracture that self-reduced immediately after the fragments of of what was left of that small bone drew back loosely into place ("loosely" because that bone is/was shattered.) 

I won't go into details because I can't remember the important ones.  What I do remember is all lanes of traffic slowing smoothly - except for the guy in front of me who decided that he had to come to a full and complete stop at that very moment.  I have no idea what he was really thinking because he didn't stick around to explain himself.  The last thing I recall before the trauma was the front end of the bike almost being down to the ground, sideways, and thinking to myself, "Idiot, your jacket's in the side bag", and "Gee, I wonder how this is going to turn out?"  At that point I was still doing about 60 mph, and the concrete and the guy's rear bumper were quite close and getting closer quickly, ...

... then I remember sitting up in the carpool lane - then standing up in the carpool lane - then watching the rest of the 7:30 p.m. Friday evening traffic slow down to get a look at the bloody fool motorcycle rider who didn't bother to wear his leather jacket for the short commute home on that warm late-summer evening.

The final damage tally for the motorcycle is indeed final.  It's kaput, gonzo, destroyed, disassembled without the use of tools, demolished, totalled.

The final injury tally for me was/is a lot of road rash, a broken finger, severely bruised and sore thighs and pelvic area (I'm lucky I didn't break a femur or two), and a leaky blood vessel in my lower abdominal area that wreaked havoc with my blood pressure for two days - my left knee is still about 150% of its normal size and my right elbow is full of fluid and about the size of a golf ball, which is an improvement from being tennis ball size last week.   

But at least I didn't break any bones and no one ran over my head.  I took a week off to get over the worst of the painful stuff then I got back to work on Monday.

Yes, I'm going to get another bike.  No, it's not going to be right away.  My luck has been trending negative for quite a while so maybe I should wait until I pass the exam before I move on that.  On the other hand it looks like my luck might finally be turning around so this may be a good sign!

But on the other, other hand, I think I should probably just keep my fingers crossed while I've still got 10 of them to cross!


Anonymous said...

My goodness!
I am glad you are still alive GP! It would suck to not know whether oyu passed! Or what if you did pass and you're dead

Anonymous said...

Man, glad you made it through. Any repercussions for the idiot who slammed on the brakes? Witnesses? Cannot believe someone would leave like that, but I guess they do.

Okay, so the missing jacket caused some serious pain - but hey, a warm evening . . . but you were wearing a helmet, no?

Law DAze (can't remember my google sign-in)
Use your research skills to locate a good physical therapist. Like doctors, they are not all equally skilled. He or she can be your best friend/miracle worker in the days to come.

Results out when? Late November for you guys? Early October in Texas, so I was just checking in.

Really sorry about your accident, but glad to hear you'll be okay.

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon: 4:29: That's exactly right. I can see it now, "Congratulations, you passed! Here's your license. Now give it back because vegetables can't have a license." Or alternatively, " ... dead people can't have a license."

Hey LawDaze: Correct, the helmet saved me from becoming really ugly. Judging from the gouge marks, I would have left much of the front left part of my forehead, nose, lips, teeth, and chin on the pavement had I not been wearing it.

And on a positive note, November 19th is when results are released.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Word!...What an ordeal...I hope you are doing much better...
You may end up having the person who caused your "Road rash" as a client...

I am so glad to hear that you were wearing a helmet..This could have been very ugly....

I wish you all the best...JK

Anonymous said...

Has anyone started studying yet? I have been doing 35 mbes after I get home from work. I go over my outline every weekend and try to do at least 2 exams. I haven't completed a PT yet.

I am very nervous. The scores are coming out in less than a month.

Is anyone out there in barland considering taking a bar review course?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your accident poobah. Thats a rough one.
I took the bar in July '08 and passed first time. For curiosity's sake I took a look at the July '10 questions, and those were a bear. Those were some difficult questions. I wish you the best of luck bro. Heres to you passing, and forgetting everything, except what you practice, within a year. Good luck man.

Anonymous said...

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Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Toshiba has a 17 inch screen for a lot less than $1200. Runs Windows 7 and no issues.

Whatever you buy, make sure it is compatible with the exam software. Because if it isn't, your comfortable keyboard is not going to mean much.

Anonymous said...

I am reading that the national MBE mean was 143. Since CA scales its essay and PT portion to the national MBE mean and CA traditionally scores a few points above the national mean for the (MBE), the essay "curve" (those numbers they use to factor in scaling) will push the essay scores up. I assert that the CA Bar passage rate is going to be high. Crack out the champagne, Poobah,.,... Your day is coming!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would not buy a Mac for the bar exam unless you have verified that (1) the exam software that will be use is compatible and (2) that the tech help onsight will assist with Macs (most do not). You will be advised (repeatedly) that if you use a laptop and it fails (or the software jams, freezes, fails to upload, etc), then you are on your own - no 'do overs' or extra time. Most test sites DO have tech people on site who can help, but most do not do Macs. If you want a Mac, buy one, love it, use it for everything EXCEPT the bar exam (unless, as mentioned, you have already verified that you will have compatible software and tech support).

Don't under estimate the value of tech support. Trust me on this:

(still cannot remember the sign-in)

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