Friday, November 19, 2010

I Hope Everyone Who Passed Is Having a Great Time Tonight!

That's it!



Anonymous said...

way to stay positive. keep your head up.

HOWEVER, do what you have to do to make sure you are the one celebrating next time.

Anonymous said...

GP: As a practicing lawyer who still enjoys reliving the twice yearly anguish of suffering bar takers, I truly ache for you. I hope that you find the strength to persevere and keep fighting for what you want. If there is anything I can do to help, I am forwarding you an e-mail right now.

Best, Tim

Anonymous said...

There are five categories of individuals involved in the legal profession: 1)Licensed attorneys who are fulfilled in a successful practice; 2)Licensed attorneys who hate what they do and have quit or are on the verge of quitting;3)Licensed attorneys who can not find work;4)Law school graduates who are still trying to pass the bar exam;5)Law school students who are stressed out preparing for the profession. So while many of us are mourning failing the bar exam this morning we need to remind ourselves that we have chosen a challenging profession and the challenges will continue even after we pass the bar. So when someone suggests taking a break from the exam I disagree. If you back off the exam challenge, what happens when you can't find work for a year after you pass the exam? Do you stop looking for six months or a year and then start again? Since the bar is only one of the many challenges of the legal profession, quitting the bar process for a period of time is a poor precedent for dealing with all of the other challenges of the profession.

Shannon said...

GP: Yesterday night, a few of my friends were wiping but ended up to gear up for Feb. Not legacy, keep your legend going by never, never, never giving up! I will follow up your blog until you pass.


Anonymous said...

What are your plans GP? Did you double check with the passlist?

Anonymous said...

GP what is the score. I got 141 scaled in MBE but my essays and PT sucked. Got 1 essay with 65 three with 60 two 50s.

My PTs sucked 50 and 60.

I know you are considering some sort of improvement in this area. Can you pass on how you intend to improve.

This will be my third attempt in Feb.

Anonymous said...

You guys are getting 50-60s on performance exams, you need to practice them.

I'm dyslexic, and although I completed 12 full performance exams prior to my first try at the bar exam, I still failed. Why? Performance!

So what did I do, re-took the performance review and sat and did a full performance exam every other day for a month an a half. It almost killed me, seriously.

But you know what?? If you do enough of them, you find out that the BAR repeats the same issues and case law in their performance exams. The February 2010 BAR exam was nearly identical to the Adair Performance.

Finally, Flemings has approaches for just about every legal subject. I memorized each of those approaches, and it will pretty much cover any major issue on the BAR exam, which will eliminate those 50s-55s on BAR exams. Yes, just doing the approaches won't get you a 75 on every exam, but it will keep you from failing any given exam.

For the the February 2010 exam, I knew NOTHING about partial-takings, but Fleming had an approach for Takings, which i memorized and I bullshitted through the rest. Not My best essay, I'm sure, but I knew I didn't fail it because I hit the basic elements.

And with a 141 MBE but 50s on your exams, seems like you've spent a ton of time studying your MBEs and haven't spent jack on writing.

Hey.. got to tell you, MBEs were way easier and was more enjoyable to do than writing a performance. After a full performance, I could barely walk straight. Intentionally did them in the evening because I knew I was toast afterwords.... but I did them.

Anyway. Studying for the BAR was by far the worst experience of my entire life. And I know for a fact that I passed on my second, despite my dyslexia, while my friends are no on their 5-6 attempts, because I worked on my weak areas the most, knew professional responsibility COLD, didn't spend a ton of time MBEs, and, per my attorney's orders, smoked a bowl of weed right before leaving my hotel for the exam all three days. (.... if you would have drug tested me on any given day for the 10-12 years leading up to the BAR exam, I would, I would have tested clean!).

Anonymous said...

Hey, when you say "retook," is it Susan Fleming? It takes whole 3 days, right? If I take it again, do they offer discount(I took it in 2008 winter)? People say it is now $500. I do not remember how much it was back then.

Anonymous said...

I am a first time take who passed this last time around.

I hate reading outlines, so I just printed out all the past bar exams from cal bar and just practiced reading them and outlining them.

For rules that I didn't remember I learned them. But I didn't want to waste me time learning stupid obscure rules that weren't going to be on the test.

If you go through the 10 years of past bar exams and outline them all, you will pass the bar exam if your MBEs are decent. All the rules for each subject keep coming up over and over again in the past bar exams.

Also what helped me alot was listening to the barbri lectures on 2.5 speed instead of regular speed. I was able to get through the lectures quicker and rewind where I needed some review.

Good luck in Feb. You are an inspiration for many. I think I saw you in Ontario this past July I didn't know who you were but the guy next to me mentioned that you have took the bar unsuccessfully many times and he hoped that you passed.