Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's All Over But The Memorizing

I realized something a few weeks ago. My recall of the rules is weak. Thus, my focus this next week is going to be almost completely on memorization of the rules.

And PT review.

And MBE review.

And a few practice essays, perhaps.

And ...


Jaybad said...

Good luck! Rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

study hard for a week til you drop-
give all, some others may not, I know you will.

Spend the last week edgin'off the accelerator a bit- take the edge off however you need to

go into the last weekend with one final review.

go the day before- focused on travel, gettin' particulars of test site down and havin' all materials you need.

Lastly, and I know this will be the most difficult thing GP, but trust me on this one,

While you may take your materials to test site- don't spend time studying during the test days if at all humanly possible.
[ I know, I know, I can sense your anxiety and desire to study review every minute- but that is what this next week is for- you NEED ROOM TO BREATHE- not just in your review and execution of this bastard exam- but most importantly of all in your own mind]

I'll leave you with one example which I know you can appreciate:
The Empire Strikes Back, and other countless parts of SW, Yoda tells Luke- in there your weapons will be of no use during the Dagoba cave scene.

Your weapons are your materials, only useful to a certain extent;

the enemy or evil Vader is obviously the Bar, or more correctly our past experience withit;

and your best bet is of course the Force and your mind's eye belief in it now;

that is all- take good care GP- and may the Force be with you always :)

Anonymous said...

There you go again GP - making excuses before you take the bar.

Anonymous said...

OK... I want all of you to take your B complex vitamins that are high in B 12..EVERY DAY.Omega 3's.
Go for the real Omega 3's..Studies show that it is very good for concentration.. Great results for students with ADD & Senior Citizens with Dementia. Get some great big potatoes.. Baking is good but you can prepare them any way you prefer... Potatoes have a compound that mimics Prozac. That is why some people especially men feel very content after having Meat & Potatoes" Forget the Carb free diets (No! Do not over do it)but please have some carbs...Oatmeal etc.... I wish you well and YES I WILL be praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck next week! I will be taking it too!
Stay focused, stay confident and stay strong!
Confidence or lack thereof will come through in your essays to the reader.
Whatever you think...
So think positively!!
At this point, you KNOW the law as evidenced by your high MBE scores.
YOU hold the keys to your passing the test by remaining CALM, COOL and COLLECTED and CONFIDENT!
I wish you good luck !
I know you will do great!
Now it's time for YOU to know that!


If you don't think you're ready and know the material, how can anyone else.

You have to believe in yourself!

SO good luck!
you will do great!

Anonymous said...

I think it's healthy that you see your weakness, by knowing our weakness, we become stronger.

Also, remember that the nature of the universe is constant flux-
the future is unwritten and all that matters is your attitude dude.

Absolutely nothing else, and I mean nothing, will matter except your universe.

At the end all the bar takers attendant universes will converge in the picture that is the Bar results.

Just be in the top third to half and you're home free.
You can see that on any given day or succession of days you can do that.

May next Tuesday through Thursday be Your Days.


Anonymous said...

Dark forces always conspire to defeat us-
verily I say, don't worry 'bout all that because they are losers, only successful in deflection.
If anything doesn't pass your smell test between now and next Thursday night- IGNORE IT!

You are your own best ally,
now Git er done!!

Anonymous said...

Be confident, even, well, cocky. I think you recently had a lesson in confidence, so follow that lead. ;-)

On an academic/practical point, I finally understood that, for me, doing essays where I had to state (and argue) the law was where I was able to develop memorization and skills.

But the bottom line is that I was flippant with the Bar when I passed. I sat back and didn't take it very seriously. I was sure I failed, so I was very casual with it. And that's when it happened. So if you can just relax a little, sit back and that chair, and enjoy the show, it'll finally happen for you.

Make the Bar your bitch!

Break a leg,

Your neighbor.

Bar Bride said...

GOOD LUCK! It will be over soon!

Change of Venue said...

Good luck, GP!