Friday, June 15, 2012

The Released Questions Have Been Posted

Here they are.

And for a bit of variety, the PTs are here.


Anonymous said...

Badass ...
I think I got model ethics answer.
Goat's book really helped!

Can we assume model answers = 80s?
And what does GP think will be on jul cbx?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention
Understand moderation takes GP's time
Can u switch back?
Kitty cat still around?

Going to go back to studying now
Passing for shizzle you and I!

Anonymous said...

Going through old exams again.
On evidence I could have done better.

By the way ...
Is it better to take cbx in Jul or Feb?
GP have any view?

Could timing make a difference?
An advantage of Feb is more repeaters.
That said, percentage passing is lower

Going to go to Canyon after cbx in Jul.
Pressure w/out break can be 2 much.

Studying can really be a bore.
U need a CoS to get trough this!
Can't undervalue a good CoS.
Kind CoS's are the best!!!
So long GP. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome comment June 19, 2012 11:45 AM

Anonymous said...


I think the key to passing is deciphering patterns in questions and suggested answers. Focus on pattern deciphering in every day life and while studying my friend.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the essays and PTs have been your Achilles's heel. I realize that at this point there's probably not much I can offer that you haven't already tried or considered...but I will anyway :P.
I created a schedule to account for maintenance of the multistate questions, practice for essays, and practice for PT's as well, dividing time between these areas as seemed necessary. I downloaded and printed out as many sample questions/model answers as I could from the Cal Bar website. I would give myself about 15 minutes or so to read and write up an outline of the issues I've spotted and a brief blurb of the applicable rule, facts, and conclusion. I'd then spend the next 45 minutes more fully listing each issue, the relevant rule, and then as thorough of an analysis as I could muster before finishing with a brief conclusion. After about a week of doing this, I decided to stop after the 15 minute outline phase, as I had become comfortable enough writing out a full response that I just wanted to really practice identifying the relevant issues. Also, during that first week I became comfortable with "making it up." By that I mean that I something didn't seem quite right but I couldn't think of the actual rule, I'd just make something up - chances are with all the studying you've done, even when you make something up it has at least some basis in a legal rule, and I was a little surprised that my "made up" rules usually weren't too far off, at least identifying the issue and showing that you can analyze facts will get you somewhere with the graders.
The PT's are another matter entirely. It's tough to try and short change the practice on these, because they don't fit neatly into a "one size fits all" method of analysis and writing. The part about these that I recall getting hammered into my noggin during Bar Bri is to take special care to see what you're being asked to do. That was usually my first step in crafting a PT response, because literally every other part of the analysis flows from this premise. If you need to persuade one way or the other, if you are writing something that's balanced,'s all based on the direction given to you in the instructions. There's a little less "making it up" as far as rules are concerned, given that your provided the closed universe, but the difficulty on the PT's is effectively narrowing down what your given to what you need in order to write a response. Again, this really boils down to what you're being asked to do - there will be rules that are of primary significance, but there may be various threshold questions to address in working your way to the ultimate conclusion or response.
The practice that I mention above assumes a working knowledge of the rules (for essays and multistate) and requires a fair amount of time to write and find what works best for you. Like I said, I doubt there's much here that hasn't crossed your mind, but I figure it can't hurt to try and offer something up, right?
Whatever approach you take and whomever you have assist or tutor you through this process, just remember that what works for one person may not work for another, and that's not a knock on any individual or program, that's just how it is. The test will be the same every time in its fundamental form, and it's looking for the same thing; an ability to spot issues and correctly apply the law to facts to arrive at a conclusion. Even if you have to make up a rule, you're still able to showcase an ability to spot an issue and analyze it according to "GP law."

Anonymous said...

Buried in books studying.
I'm going to pass with you GP in jul.
Going take the CBX bull by the horn.

Can you give me some advice GP?
Any thoughts on the RAP?
That rule still confuses me.

Have you differed ur study methods?
Undertaken any changes?
Really, your experience will help.
Theme I live by is: Haters going hate ..
Slaters going to slate!!

Thanks homey.
Only a few weeks left.
Only a few weeks before great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all of you taking the bar in July. In the breakfast of bacon and eggs the chicken is involved the pig is the pig!

Anonymous said...

Blown away by the metaphor from 5:05
Is it true?
GP have a view?

Chickens are indeed involved
And bacon is involved too, but ...
That doesn't mean the pig's committed.

Hellish practices involving pigs.
Awful slaughters.
The pig may just be unfortunate.
Equates to the chicken being smarter.
Survives the breakfast! Winning!

But, is bacon better than eggs?
Awesome bacon, maybe ...
Chunky bacon ... no way.
One conclusion to be reached:
No pigs ... more chickens!!

Anonymous said...

Reading those practice exams and the sample answers, I still have no clue how I passed in February, since I don't think I had more than 50% of the substantive law down for each of the questions, if even that.

The only thing I can look back at this exam and say I did differently than the July exam (which I didn't pass the first time around) was 1) I diligently kept time and moved onto the next question when my time was up, 2) Made clear, explicit headers, even when I was making things up, and 3) Finished PTs on time (outlined headers from the start, right down to conclusions)

Anonymous said...

Your persistence is remarkable. It took me two times to pass the bar. If I hadn't passed the 2nd time, I don't know if I would have had the will power to go a 3rd round. I just wonder how this affects your relationships, including intimate ones. I feel like taking the bar that many times would make my loved ones go even crazier than I would over the endless cycles of being away studying, then being anxious while awaiting results.

Anonymous said...

Boy is this studying getting boring.
Is anyone else feeling the same?
Going to take a break this weekend.

Can't really say what I'm going to do.
Adventures ... hell yeah!
That is how I roll.

Most of my time is bar focused.
Is anyone else hot for barbri property prof?
So hot.
Sccchhhwing, said Wayne and Garth.
Evidence prof, not so hot.
So lonely without GP blogging more.

Go get 'em in a few weeks GP.
Pass, and then you can be GP, Esq.

Cannot wait for my break this weekend.
Awesome fireworks I will light off.
That's all homeys!

Anonymous said...

Don't do any MBEs, you need to stay focus on spotting the big issues, write a decent analysis using the facts on the essays. As for the PTs, thats what you should be spending 60% of your time on now. You nail that and get 70s, and 60s on the essay you will be a lawyer! GET IT FUCKIN DONE!

Anonymous said...

How goes it bar exam takers?
Are you feeling any stress?
Play on playa' ...
Preparation is key.
Your goal should be getting ready.

4 score and seven years ago ...
That wasn't 4th of July, now was it?!

Feeling good though.
Really hoping mojo is flowing to GP.
One and only blog master GP. One cool cat.
Me, my blog stinks. I don't update much.

Boy am I excited to get this over with.
I'll be kicking some socialist beats after.
Going to have a real fun time.

Chillax this weekend bro's...
And drink some suds
That's how I roll!

Anonymous said...

Living large lately GP?
Is it safe to say it's crunch time?
Tell us some wise advice, please!
Tell us what we should be doing.
Living on a prayer? whoa oh! JBJ.
Eat, sleep and dream bar exam?

Can you post more frequently.
Advice from GP helps.
That's for sure.

Might I ask an additional question.
Is one subject more likely to be hit?
Should we focus on question trends?
Study torts or contracts?
Easy ethics questions need >50 GP!
Study ethics my friend.

But anyways, ....
I'm bored.
Going to hit the books.

Can you post a little more though?
Awesome GP bloggin' makes my day.
That, and slam poetry. ha!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:36 a.m. on July 5, 2012:

You, sir, are a sad soul.