Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm Playing the Theme to Jeopardy in the Background ...

Okay, not really, but it's going through my head. 

The very best of luck to everyone awaiting results this evening.  I know that there's not much luck involved after the last session ends on Thursday, but there is (in my opinion) some little bit of luck involved in which random graders read your answers.  I hope your luck in that regard is the best. 



Jonathan L. Kramer, Esq. said...

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2013, 6 p.m. – The State Bar of California's Committee of Bar Examiners reported today that 41 percent of the applicants passed the February 2013 General Bar Examination (GBX). If the 1,810 people who passed the February 2013 exam satisfy other requirements for admission, they will become members of the State Bar.
Preliminary statistical analyses show that of the 4,419 applicants who took the GBX, 31 percent were first-time takers. The passing rate for 1,371 first-time applicants was 52 percent overall. The passing rate for the 3,048 applicants repeating the examination was 36 percent overall.

Preliminary statistical analyses show the first-time and repeater percent passing the GBX (rounded to whole numbers) by law school type as follows:
School Type First-Timers Repeaters
California ABA 60% 50%
Out-of-State ABA 49% 39%
California Accredited (but not ABA) 25% 17%
Unaccredited: Fixed-Facility 14% 12%
Unaccredited: Correspondence 42% 16%
Unaccredited Distance Learning 29% 9%

The applicants not included in the above totals either were attorneys admitted in other states who either chose or were required to take the GBX, attorneys admitted in foreign jurisdictions, law students in the Law Office/Judge’s Chambers Study Program or law students who qualified to take the GBX through four years of law study. More detailed statistics, including passing rates by individual law schools, will be made available in approximately four to six weeks and published on the State Bar’s website at

The three-day General Bar Examination is given twice a year, in February and July. The exam consists of three sections: a multiple-choice Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), six essay questions and two performance tests that are designed to assess an applicant's ability to apply general legal knowledge to practical tasks. The mean scaled MBE score in California was 1411 compared with the national average of 1380.

In addition, the Committee announced that 230 (50.0 percent) of the 460 lawyers who took the Attorneys' Examination passed. Out of the total taking the Attorneys’ Examination, 20 were disciplined lawyers who took the examination as a condition of reinstatement; 3 disciplined lawyers passed.

Anonymous said...

Big Puma!! Love you bro.

Anna said...


I dont know if you remember me. I came back to say thank you. I passed. This was my 3rd attempt. I thought this day would never come. I felt so hopeless all day today. I couldnt believe it when my name popped up on the screen. I just want to thank you for the kind words you have shared, for writing this blog, and the encouraging and thoughtful emails you have sent me. Any act of kindness to a person going through a dark time always means a lot and offers hope.

Thank you so much!

Jay Singh said...

GP you are a great inspiration ....

I almost was not going to apply for Feb.. 2013 after my 3 attempts. My probability of passing was 16% because I was repeater and a foreign attorney..

My July 2012 Raw MBE score was 140 and surprisingly for contracts I had 30 correct out of 33 and was hitting close to 27 and 28 previously. My weakest subjects were Evidence and Torts.

After I read your blog I decided to call Jason T. From one timer and gave him my scores and he told me follow his instrctutions and material and there is no way I can fail Feb. 2013.. He had more confidence in me than I had in me for myself...

Anyway last night after checking my results I called Jason and thanked him and told him that I joined his program after reading your blog...

He told me he love you and asked me to convey it to you..

Again thanks a million for great inspiration

JP Singh

Anonymous said...

Forget all this bar stuff, question I have is who is a better lawyer? GP, Big Puma or Big Cat?

Dan G said...


I want to congratulate you on passing the California Bar. So many people give up. You should really be proud of yourself and I hope that you really enjoy practicing law. Best of Luck.


Anonymous said...

Big Puma. My reasoning is as follows: (1) We don't know anything about Big Cat, so he's out for being a mysterious feline; (2) While GP is the man, Big Puma seems to have more experience and seems to be sending work to GP, so Big Puma > GP; and (3) transitive property - Big Puma > Grand Poobah > Big Cat

Rawlawgirl said...

Awhile back, you posted all your past scores I think in one location. Please point me to that. I took the February 2012 Cal Bar and scored 1388. I am preparing to take it again fir the SEXOND time with major focus on the MBE, my weakest link. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your perseverance and success gives me the determination to also try CA again this July.

A question. Did you write that you outlined essays on your computer? Did this save time...any fears that the computer would crash and lose all the info?

Thanks for your time to answer this.
Keep on inspiring us!!!

Anonymous said...

THanks for this blog! My name is on the pass list- I am so relieved!

The Grand Poobah said...

Anna: Yes, I remember you! Congratulations! And you’re quite welcome. It does my heart good to see people succeed in a worthwhile goal, and I’m very happy to have helped.

Jay: Congratulations and kudos to you for hanging in there! I know what you mean about Jason having more confidence in you than you do in yourself. I was in that same boat. Jason’s confidence in me was a big factor in my passing as well. When I entered his program I was having serious doubts that I would ever figure out what the graders were looking for, and Jason’s encouragement helped me find the motivation to persevere, and to finally have the confidence to let go of my old habits and to finally just show the graders what I knew instead of relying on my old crutch of simply reciting the law. Way to go!

Anon 8:11: The Big Puma, to be sure.

Rawlawgirl: I don’t recall where I posted all of my old scores but I can tell you that my lowest score was 1326 (my discouraged second attempt) and my highest score was 1406 (my eighth attempt, I believe.) My raw MBE scores ranged from 123 to 149. I think I got a higher MBE score this last time (guessing 155+) because, historically, I was in a rut on my written scores. I was so close to passing many times and would have passed at least half of the exams I took if I had only increased my raw MBE score by five or ten questions. I credit Jason’s MBE program for helping me over that hurdle.

Anon 3:08: I always used my laptop and I never had any fears that it would fail me. I don’t know if that’s irrational confidence or just subconscious avoidance of something I had no control over, but that possibility never entered my mind.

Anon 2:54: Congratulations!