Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Interview With Dustin Saidi from

So, what with all of the hoopla, ballyhoo, frolicing, merriment, festivity, merrymaking, tomfoolery, falderal, and fiddle dee dee that went on after I passed the July 2012 bar exam, Dustin Saidi of sent me an email asking if I would be interested in being interviewed about my experience.  

After scratching my head for a few weeks, wondering what interest anyone could have in the exploits of someone who only passed after 11 attempts, I agreed.

The result is posted here:

In all honesty, I can't think of anything to say about the interview except that Dustin did a great job with the technical aspects of recording, editing, and producing the final product.  Other than that, it's all about me, and despite the existence of the blog, I am not a person who seeks the limelight. 

So for all those who are interested in hearing me describe my ordeal, in a positive way I believe, please take a listen.  Dustin has some other good interviews too so your time may be well spent.  

Oh, he's got a book too.  I don't have an interest in any book sales as a result of your visiting his website, but he's a good guy and you might just find his book useful.

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