Monday, October 14, 2013

What?!? Don't Tell Me That Only Three Of You Took Jason Up On His Offer!


Are you telling me there were more people interested in getting their hands on the mythical, magical, mystical BC outlines (that were never proven to actually exist) than on Jason's real-life outlines?  Tell me it ain't so!

I don't think anyone expects a subject-by-subject critical breakdown style evaluation, but a mere thumbs-up or -down would be better than the cricket sounds we're hearing now.

And I'll personally say THANKS to the three people (three crickets!) who did fulfill their end of the bargain since I created this situation when I stuck my neck out (okay, my reputation out, such as it is) when I recommended Jason's outlines (not to mention the rest of his program.)

Hang in there folks!  The results of the July 2013 exam will be released in, what, about six weeks?


Evangelina Myers said...

I was lucky to receive Jason's outlines!!! After reviewing his outlines, I’m excited and motivated to try again. I think that with Jason’s outlines, you can pass the bar. After paying $$$$ to other bar preps (BarBri, Celebrations and Vivian Dempsey’s Writing Edge) Jason Tolerico’s outlines clearly demonstrate how passionate and dedicated he is to get people to pass the bar. His outlines are awesome. Other exam prep outlines were just regurgitation of long, lengthy treatise-type outlines, volumes and volumes (huge black notebooks, red notebooks, white notebooks). With juggling daily life, you will need to get an outline you can read and get focused. His outlines are easy to read, with essay tips you can comprehend.

Thank you Jason for being caring and generous to share your outlines. / Evangelina

SR said...

Thank you for posting this opportunity on your very fascinating blog!
I received Jason's outlines and found them very helpful.
The outlines are concise and keep you focused on the task at hand.
You can clearly see that Jason has put in a lot of effort in preparing them.
Thanks for sharing the outlines, Jason! - SR

Anonymous said...

Jason's outlines are simply amazing. Everything about them makes the exam less frightening.

After failing the CA bar a few times, self-doubt got the best of me and I started to wonder (after the last failed attempt) if I have what it takes to ever pass. This may sound corny but Jason's outlines honestly make me BELIEVE I can do it.

The reason is simple. Jason's outlines give you what you NEED to know in order to pass. You aren't overwhelmed with worrying about how important different topics are and what to focus on. He has already done the leg work for you/us. I know a part of this is trusting that ALL we need to know is IN the outlines, but I am wiling to make that leap. Especially because Jason, personally, appears to be genuinely enthusiastic about helping people pass. When he first sent me the outlines, I was unable to access them & Jason called me at 11 pm on a Tuesday night to facilitate me opening them. Then, he spent additional time with me on the phone explaining the bar in general and specifics about his outlines.

If you are looking for a bar prep program, I would strongly urge you to consider Jason. I plan to use Jason's bestmulitis for the MBE and to use Jason in whatever way I can afford for the Feb exam. I know I'm probably sounding like a hired hr rep for Jason right about now, but as a repeater, I felt lost about what I need to do in order to pass and Jason's outlines gave me direction & hope.

Good luck to everyone in February.

P.S. - Thanks to you too Brian for the recommendation. I've followed your blog for years and you are really an inspiration for those of us that struggle with this exam. :)

Ami Koldhekar said...

I am licensed in another state and looking forward to conquering the CA bar with Jason's outlines! I found this blog through a google search on the Cal Bar and that's how I also found out about Jason. Really glad that I did! :)

Randy chino cal said...

I too go the outlines and I do like what I see. It has a little different approach to the subject and will use them if inhave ton do it again!! Randy Chino, Cal

Anonymous said...

GP Any comments you can make about your life as a licensed attorney so far. If you had any preconceived notions about what actually practicing law would be like and how that may or may not have differed from reality?


Anonymous said...

Could we also get our hands on the Big Cat outlines? Ha!

I tried Jason's outlines (thanks GP!) and would like to compare and contrast them.

C'mon GP - you have to either know the Big Cat or have tried his outlines. Did you really never meet the fabled feline?

Eliz said...

Jason Tolerico's outlines are excellent!
There are several reasons why I say this. Each subject outline begins with a list of the CA Bar most tested topics within the subject. Also provided is a table for each exam since 2003 and whether that subject was tested. He then takes each exam for which the subject appeared and describes the issues that were on that exam.
The text of the outlines are highlighted (when applicable) by "hot topics".
Every subject-topic is clearly, thoroughly and concisely explained, often with examples that illustrate the issue.
You will not drown in verbal minutiae on obscure issues. Key issues are described and identified in a very understandable way. At the conclusion of several outlines there is a list of "flash card" topics - terms and explanations.
The format contributes to this clarity - lots of space between paragraphs and issues and bolded text for very important key words. At the conclusion of several outlines there is a list of "flash card" topics - terms and explanations.
Having used several outlines over Bar attempts, I am sorry not to have had Tolerico's - it would have helped immensely!

Livy said...

Requesting them now! :) Haven't been on your blog in a while - thanks for the tips.