Monday, March 24, 2014

Does It Seem Like the February Bar Exam ...

... was just yesterday, or just last week?  Or does it seem like you took it months ago? 

Towards the end of my 5-year ordeal I can remember normal space/time becoming warped and twisted.  Time would slow down for the month of the exam, as I prepared for those three days, then it would speed up to normal again the day after it was over.  It would remain normal until about a week before results were released.  And when I found that I had failed yet again a weird Twilight Zone effect would descend on me which would last until the first day of July or February.  It seemed odd to me (in a not-good sort of way) that I only felt normal when I was preparing for the bar exam.  But those last few weeks before the exams were the only times I felt like I was in control of my destiny.   As for the months between the exams and the day the results were released ... I felt like I was living in a kind of demented purgatory. 

Bizarre, I know. 

But that's all over now.

Speaking of it being over, your wait is almost over!  Jason Tolerico will again be offering his most excellent outlines for FREE starting May 1, 2014 (But only for a limited time!)

Actually, they're not quite FREE.  Sure, he's not going to charge money for them, but he is going to ask that you come back to my blog and post a comment with your opinion on them. 

And when you call (or email), if you mention that you heard about his FREE OUTLINE offer from THIS BLOG they'll be DOUBLE-FREE!  (Just kidding.  I'm pretty sure there isn't any such thing as "DOUBLE FREE", especially not in ALL CAPS(!), but, hey, it couldn't hurt!)

P.S. Being a lawyer is a good thing.  I like it.

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Anonymous said...

Double free!! That's the GP (or PC!!) we know and love. Keep up the good posts Brian. We appreciate it.