Monday, June 9, 2014

Feedback on Jason's Outlines, Anyone?

For those of you who availed yourself of Jason's Free Outline Offer, remember that you promised to come back here and post a comment on what you thought about them. 

The offer has been in effect since May 1st and I've only seen one comment.  I don't know how many people have requested and received the outlines but I suspect it's more than one (1)!

C'mon everyone!  Wossamotta U

The July exam is only still almost two months out.  You have plenty of time to prepare but you need to be diligent.  If you've received Jason's outlines but haven't opened them then you need to get busy! 

One month from now you'll wish you had heeded my advice.  There's nothing worse than realizing the Bar Exam is only three weeks out but you still have six weeks worth of material to cover. Trust me on this.  I've been there.


Anonymous said...

Wise PC!!! Spitting the truth.

I thought Jason's outlines were very helpful and well organized. Better than others that I have used.

Thanks again for such a generous offer PC (and Jason!).

Unknown said...

Practicing in another state for a few years now and thinking of taking the CA bar in February when I ran across your blog. My employer is not too keen on my interest in CA bar and won't pay for it. He thinks I just move to San Diego and quit...probably correct. I will use your advice and talk to Jason. I think I am eligible for the attorney's exam now, so no MBEs. Not sure if that is good, as MBEs were my strong point.

The Grand Poobah said...

Anon 8:25: Don't thank me, thank Jason! He's the one who put all his hard work into creating those most excellent outlines.

On a personal note, before I used Jason's outlines I didn't place much value in the detailed outlines that were generally available because they contained too much material to cover, especially when you're trying to cover all of the subjects.

With Jason's outlines, you focus only on the material that's been tested. If you think about it, when a subject contains, for example, 65 issues with 150 potential rules to memorize, it makes sense that you would only study the issues/rules that they test.

Jason's outlines focus on the most tested material so you don't was time learning stuff that's not going to help.

Unknown: I know an attorney who failed the attorney version of the CA bar exam a few times before he decided to take the full version with the MBEs. He passed on his first attempt with the MBEs. If you do well on them it couldn't hurt, and it may well be the difference between passing and failing.

Sandy Eggo, eh? Yep, if I were your employer I would think the same thing. (;-)>

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Still so very proud of you GP!!

Paul de Ayora said...

I have been so impressed with Jason!
His willingness to help someone who is struggling with passing the bar without paying for the materials is very admirable. His outlines were awesome; as well as his willingness to send me some audio files, that helped out a great deal. I appreciate everything that Jason has done to help me out !!


Anonymous said...
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