Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Congratulations To All Of You Who ...

... made it through the July 2014 CA Bar Exam!  May the "Luck O' the GP" be with you when your answers are assigned to happy graders!

As for me, my career path has changed yet again.  A couple of months ago I was offered a position with a small firm as a Litigation Attorney, handling civil complaints for the firm's primary client.  The client is a medium-size business, and I've been tasked with filing cases against its customers who have breached their contracts.  I've been very busy over the past couple of months and I'm going to be much busier soon as these cases churn their way through the courts.  Exciting, it is! 

I'll pop in from time to time with comments and opinions about ... stuff.   Mostly about the Bar Exam, and a little bit about my law practice.



Anonymous said...

Wise Pooba Cat. Crushing the lit world bro! The cream always rises to the top homeslice!! Keep up the good work PC. I am proud of you.

Livy said...

That's awesome! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

It's official. This blog was already the worst blog in the world, now it is officially DEAD. D.E.A.D.

Miss the Big Cat. At least that was (kind of) entertaining.

Worst ... blog ... ever.