Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BarBri Materials Now Available For Pick-up

A friend reminded me yesterday that the BarBri materials are now available at the L.A. office. When I first heard the date upon which they were able to be picked up I thought it was way too far off in the future (~3 weeks?). Now the date has come and gone and I've found myself too busy to get them. Too busy to get them today, that is. I will pick them up Saturday before I go to class.

I'm particularly anxious to get my hands on whatever material they may contain for the new California subjects.

What a small, small place the world has become for me as I sit here, sequestered in my cave, awaiting the last week in July.


Blonde Blogger said...

Hi! Check out the book, Strategies and Tactics for the MBE by Kimm Walton and Steve Emanuel. It has tips and tactics for each of the six subjects and has really helped me a lot. There are also a ton of real MBE questions, taken from past exams. This is the only thing that helped me with the MBE's, which was the reason I didn't pass in July....sigh.

Good luck to you and keep us posted!!

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks for the tip. You should see the bookcase behind me. It's full of resources I'll probably never get to. Having said that, however, I'll still probably buy it. If the Bar gave credit based on the amount of study aids one owned, I'd be golden!


Anonymous said...

Can I add your blog URL to the blog list at Thanks.

Jonathan said...

When I was studying first year at ALU, we used the Steven Finz (sp?) MBE book. It was great, but no doubt dated today after the PMBR lawsuit.

Keep working your MBEs! I truly believe they are the the key to those extra points that push you over 1460.

I sending you good vibs!

Jonathan Kramer

PS: Thanks for the link to your kick-ass post today on the Yahoo list. jlk

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks, and thanks!

Two responses here... jdjinx, feel free. Link away!

Prof. Kramer, (may I call you Prof?) (:-)>, I get tired of the criticism (and the innuendo). I agree about the MBEs. I'm 'trying' to get in about 50 per day. That, and revamp my essay structure with the help of my tutors, and re-learn some of the rules that I forgot when the final was over three years ago. Oh, and find the magic bullet for the PTs. Lol!

I like your site. I hold you out as an example of the typical ALU student. Someone who has a successful 1st career then morphs it into a successful law career. I hope my IT background isn't to generic to help me in that regard.

Kudos to you!

And thanks for the good vibs! Did you see Kelly's Heroes"? Remember Oddball with his constant reference to good and bad vibes. Another of my favorite movies.