Saturday, April 28, 2007

A busy Saturday

My life these days has been like the movie Groundhog Day. Three weeks ago I began studying in earnest for the July Bar. The days since have all been basically the same. Some evenings I feel good about my progress but mostly I feel like I failed to achieve my goal. I am getting better, though. I've always been a multi-tasker. Now I'm learning, slowly, how to focus on a single task until it's complete. My problem is, when I'm doing MBEs I feel like I should be outlining and issue spotting essays. When I'm reading an outline I feel like I should be doing MBEs. I have to find a way to stay on one task and feel good about it. And focus!

Today will be a challenge. I'm going to study my Civil Procedure outline this morning until about 11:00, drive the 40 miles into L.A. and pick up my BarBri books, attend Professional Responsibility review class at 1:00, then try to get in a couple more hours of Civ Pro review this evening after I get home. I've always set my goals high but this seems a bit over the top.

I guess I better get started. Is that Sonny and Cher I hear in the background? Where's my coffee?

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