Saturday, April 28, 2007

Evening Update

I picked up my BarBri books today. The girl that I spoke with on the phone Friday told me that the package was only about five books. So I said to myself, "Heck!, if its only five books I can easily fit those in the hard bags on my bike. I don't need to take the truck with the flaky starter." Well, I was right, but barely. There were actually ten books.

It's a good thing some of them were thin because two were real thick. I was able to get most of them to fit in the hard bags and, with the help of some bungie cords, I was able to strap the rest of them down on the luggage rack. The bottom line is that I was able to get the bundle home safely. I'm sure glad God invented Bungie Cords! (;-)>

On the educational front, I didn't get my evening study in as planned because my family wanted to barbecue hamburgers and I'm the barbecue-meister.

Heh... imagine that! They wanted to spend time with me! Who'd a thunk it?

Smoke gets in my eyes...


Gotta go, time to eat.

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