Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hit the Road, Shaq!

Trying to do my part in the housekeeping chores today. I tell myself I'm studying because I'm listening to Jeff Fleming's Constitutional Law lecture on my MP3 player. The lecture is better if I'm following along in his outline but some compromises must be made in the interest of killing dust bunnies.

Speaking of Shaq... When I tuned in to the game he was at the free-throw line and had just missed his 7th one in a row. When he was with the Lakers he would always tell us that he would make them when he had to make them. What a bum. I guess he wanted a vacation. Thanks for all the money, Miami. Gotta' go fishing now. Oh, you wanted us to repeat? Or at least be competitive in these playoffs? Howsabout I get back to you next year? I'll make my free throws next year. Really I will. Promise. After all I'm the most dominant center ever to play the game, remember? By the way, am I up for an extension of my contract soon? Great. I'll take $12 mil per year for the next few years. It's no problem. Really. Thanks. And I'll be sure to make those free throws next year when it counts. Really.

Sixteen points today, seven rebounds, zero assists. I can't believe some people still think the Lakers should have kept him and traded Kobe.

But I digress.....

I'm TiVo'ing the Lakers to watch later with my daughter. Shhh... don't tell me the score.

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