Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Did I mention that I was able to get Examsoft installed late Tuesday? It went as expected. I received the appropriate e-mails in response and all appears to be well. The letter from the State Bar should come in a few days and I'll be set. After I completed that task I turned off the auto-update feature in Windows XP to prevent Microsoft from becoming a wrench throwing monkey. I haven't hand-written a single essay in my years of law school. I want to make sure the first one I write by hand is not for all the marbles. For those who haven't heard of the phenomenon, Microsoft's auto update feature automatically installs updates to the operating system as they are released. Most people are unaware of this function as it happens in the background. And because Examsoft and the Bar are so cheating-adverse, Examsoft will not run if it has detected any changes to the system after it was installed. That means you will have to hand write your exams. Can I get a "Blah"!



By the way, I also advise, as does Examsoft, that we disable our wireless network card during the exam. I found that my laptop pauses for a fraction of a second every few characters I type because the wireless adapter is looking for a connection. And, because Examsoft is blocking the connection to the outside world, the wireless software burns some CPU cycles before it times out. The result is a short interference with the input from your keyboard. Normally it's not too much of a distraction but, under Bar Exam conditions, I think it would pester the heck out of me. Of course you re-enable it immediately after the exam so Examsoft can send your files to the great grader in the sky.


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