Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inaugural Post

Here I am. Sitting in the spare bedroom that I've converted into a study office. I'm in my second full day of intensive preparation for the July '07 California Bar Exam and I'm surprisingly enthusiastic about the prospect of immersing myself in the process.

I'm not currently working so I have plenty of time to study. The only issue is whether I have the dedication to stick with my plan. As of this moment, all is well!

Yesterday and today I'm ingesting substantive Criminal Law and Procedure. Tomorrow I'll be working on MBEs and essays for these same subjects. I was the BarBri rep at my school so I have their outlines from which to work.

The BarBri intensive program starts May 21 and we can pick up our materials on April 24th. I'm also using PMBR and a private tutor for the nuts and bolts of how to construct well-built essay answers.

My goal is to update this daily. Over the last few months my mental state has steadily morphed into one of Bar Prep and only Bar Prep. Everything else I used to do for fun has pretty much fallen by the wayside.

Break time's over. Back to work.



Me said...

wow no comments on the beginning of your journey? An epic tale which I am sure will have a happy ending.

The Grand Poobah said...

Now that's funny.

I don't think anyone knew the blog existed back then. Except for my family, that is, for whose benefit this blog was initially intended.

And who knew at the time that it would be such a long and arduous journey? If anyone were to render advice at the beginning, I suspect it would sound something like, "Pack it in now, you're never going to make it!"

But then who would have believed them? Not me certainly. And I still don't. Because I am going to make it.


Anonymous said...

This is the best blog ever, never take it down!

Make some advertising money off of it, but don't change it!