Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday Night Class

The class last night on Agency and Partnerships was changed at the last minute to the new California Evidence material. It seems that most of it revolves around California's new Proposition 8 victim's rights law. I knew little about that proposition before last night. On the other hand, because I've been studying the Federal Rules of Evidence lately, that class made more sense to me that it otherwise might have had I been studying, say, Corporations.

Have I mentioned yet that the only hurdle left for me is the Bar exam? I received my Moral Character Determination Application results last Monday. They said that I had "... been found to possess the good moral character required for certification to practice law in California." That's reassuring. I've tried to make the right choices when difficult decisions popped up during my 49 years here on this earth. I feel like I've always done the right thing, or at least made a good effort to do the right thing. It's comforting to know that, at least as far as what the Bar can uncover, I've done nothing that would do damage to whatever my reputation is.

Mostly, I'm relieved that if there were any hidden land mines out there of which I was not aware, the Bar didn't step on them. Many thanks to my personal and work references who received the ominous letter from the Bar and when asked that final question about whether THEY thought there was any reason why I should not be afforded a position of "power and control over others", or something to that effect, answered in the negative.

It took the State Bar just over 7 months to complete my application. More time than some, less time than others. I'm glad it's done.

On the domestic front... I have to get my wife's car smog tested today. It should pass with no problem but I deplore the time away from my studies. I also have to drop my truck off at the Toyota dealer soon to have the starter looked at. I used to complete these little tasks with complete indifference. Now, because the GBX is looming, I resent the distraction and wasted time. Of course, here I am pecking away at this keyboard when I should be doing MBEs. I guess some distractions are more valuable than others.



Jason h said...

I really like your blog!

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks! I guess that's all that a blogger can ask for.


john said...

How come it took over 7 months to get your moral character determination? Did your file get assigned to an analyst and did he/she give you a hint as to how long it would take?

The Grand Poobah said...

The only estimate I had was the one the State Bar gives to everyone; 6-months.

It might have taken longer because they had to go through almost 30-years of job-history.

I'm just glad that there were no hiccups.

john said...

Hmm, I guess that would hold things up, especially since a lot of former employers might or might not remember who you are.

Great that it went smoothly for you.

So did your file ever get referred to an analyst? I've been hearing that some people got letters and others didn't... a lot of misinformation out there.


The Grand Poobah said...

I'm sure that many had forgotten me completely. Plus, many of them were no longer in business. It's tough to get a referral from a business that no longer exists.

I received a letter saying that my application had been referred to an analyst about six weeks after I submitted it. I called the guy a couple of times but always got his voice-mail. Apparently there was nothing in my application that warranted a follow-up.

Everyone I know had a similar experience.

Anonymous said...

Foreign attorney - Moral Character, I don't know what to put on pre-legal education.

When we finish school we just take an admition test or we just subscribe in the Univercity of our choice and study law for 4 years + 1 year court intership!

The question also is regarding General applicants - I sat for the bar as Foreign attorney for the general examination and that requirement is for general applicants. I can not save that part of the online application what to do?

Please share your experiense.