Monday, April 16, 2007

Evidence Monday

More evidence today. My schedule had me doing MBEs and issue spotting essays but I'm trying to work slowly and completely through the Conviser. I've already done about 150 MBEs on Evidence and my pass rate is about 65%. I know I'll have to pick that up but right now I feel like outline review is more important.

I tried to hit Examsoft's website to complete that installation. I received a big red error message when I tried to enter what they want for an ID and password. The phone call to them was made with an expectation of long hold times and recorded messages. Surprisingly, though, a very nice rep picked up within about 5 minutes and told me that the registration process wouldn't be available until noon Pacific time. That was a relief because I'm a firm believe in Murphy's Law.

I tried Examsoft again just before this post and it still wasn't available. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow.

My school is providing another supplemental class tonight. They're going to attempt to cover the new Agency and Partnerships material. I have mixed feelings about these hastily arranged sessions but I usually attend them. If nothing else, it gives me a chance to pick the brains of the other students who are headed towards the July Bar.



biff said...

You are taking studying more seriously than anyone I know.

The Grand Poobah said...

Well... I took a line of credit on my house to fund my tuition and other school expenses. Not to mention cover the balance of the bills while my wife continues to work. I feel like I really, really, need to pass this thing on the first go-round. I need to get a job and start paying down my debt before I have to start paying the principle of the line of credit instead of just the interest.

Of course, my friends have made the same observation... (:-)>

biff said...

Thank goodness for community property.

The Grand Poobah said...

Agree, I do. And thank goodness for the real estate boom out here. I bought my house 10 years ago for just under $200k. It's now worth something over $700k. Thank goodness for equity!