Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Starter Woes

Okay... I took a few minutes from my study schedule to run down to the local auto parts store (I look at these guys as "merchants" now and the UCC pops into my head, isn't that sad?) to pick up a $35 relay in the hopes that it solves my $1,000 starter problem.

No joy.


I also took a minute to add a picture of myself, the Grand Poobah. I'll take it down if I start receiving complaints. (;-)>


biff said...

Nice picture. I used to work in IT too!

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks. So far so good, no complaints!

IT is a good field to be from. When I started, you needed a degree and a bunch of mainframe experience to get a job. These days, the stuff I used to be paid big bucks to do can be handled by a 15 year old, on a PC, with free software. Well, almost.