Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Double Blah

I didn't do the substantive Contracts review this afternoon as planned. Instead, after consulting my calendar and discovering that BarBri starts next Monday, I decided to complete a few tasks around the house before I went into full real-life-denial bar-prep mode.

I hesitate even now to complete every day mundane tasks because they take time from studying. That's not to say that I'm using that study time as efficiently as possible. It's just that if I decide to paint the fence or re-roof the garage then I'm making a conscious decision to do something other than study, and that just seems wrong. But there were some chores that would not be denied so I fired up my MP3 player, selected the Rich Freer Civ Pro lecture, and ventured outdoors to tend to necessary matters.

I eventually found my way back to the computer where I attempted to see if, by some miracle, the Civ Pro lecture improved my Contracts MBE success rate. Sadly, it did not.


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