Friday, May 11, 2007

I have Final exams tomorrow in Professional Responsibility and Corporations. Classes at a four-year law school are scheduled differently than are classes at full-time three-year schools. We don't run on the traditional semester program. We get no time off during the summer, or for the traditional holidays, and our classes cover one subject at a time and run consecutively. For example, Con Law will run 12 weeks and the Final will be on Saturday. A new class starts the following week and it will run for, depending on the material covered, 6-12 weeks. For example, in my second year, PR was a six-week class and Civ Pro was a 12 week class. We ran for 3 years straight like this without so much as a week off.

The fourth year is a series of six-week review classes that cover all of the bar-tested subjects. Some classes cover one subject only, some cover two subjects, and we still get no time off between classes. I just finished a Corps/PR review class and the Final is tomorrow. My last class starts Monday and it's a combo Con Law and Evidence review. The down-side to these short classes is that we don't get much time to get back up to speed on the subjects. The upside is that we've already seen the material and it's not unfamiliar. And, this close to the Bar, every hour I spend in review is beneficial.

I will be completely done with the required legal education on June 23rd. Exactly one month before the Bar Exam. BarBri starts May 21st and I'll be doing that program concurrently with my ConLaw/Evidence review.

I feel like a boulder rolling downhill. The closer I get to the end, the more speed I pick up. I'm rolling pretty fast right now but it's going to get even more exciting in the coming weeks. And I'm certainly gathering no moss. (But I do need to start shaving more than twice a week!)

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