Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two things became apparent to me yesterday...

... one, I need to work on Con Law. And two, the Utah Jazz are a pleasant distraction.

I'm glad, in an odd sort of way, that the Lakers are out of the playoffs. Throughout my years in school I've anticipated having to divide my Bar prep time between the Lakers' championship run and my studies for the exam. Now all I have to worry about is the exam. Thanks, Mitch Kupchak. By the way, I hear Jerry West is a free agent now. Maybe Jerry Buss can pick him up for a season or two as an adviser? I wonder.

Somehow, 60% on my Con Law MBEs yesterday felt more like 40%. blah... I need to get that up around 75%. Looking at reports from past Bar Exams, Con Law MBEs have statistically been the easiest. The good news is I'm over 70% on the other subjects with the exception of Evidence. More good news is that the Bar is not tomorrow and I have time to improve.


legis said...

Wow, already hard at work studying for this monster! Good for you! Yes, as time goes on you'll find yourself improving a lot. Many people see the best improvement fairly close to the exam.

The Grand Poobah said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

I've heard from others as well that I should expect to achieve a critical mass, so to speak, right before the exam. And because I was the rep at my school, I'm also taking BarBri. I expect that program will boost my proficiency quite a bit.

It's tough to feel confident at this relatively early stage, but based on your observation, which seems to be consistent with the conventional wisdom, I try not to let myself get too discouraged by these early results. It is a marathon, after all, and not a sprint.