Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It feels like a Monday

Today I embark on a new study schedule. The old schedule is still in effect regarding the order in which the specific subjects shuffle across my desk. The new part is how I'm attacking them. My outlines are going to be used for spot reinforcement only. My focus is now going to be exclusively on essays and MBEs with a PT thrown in on Saturday, and maybe Sunday, for variety.

I don't know if anyone is really interested in this trivia. My new schedule is just as ambitious as my old plan, and perhaps a bit more. The only constant is my determination to make the Bar Exam a once in a lifetime experience.

The study session with the Prof yesterday was productive. We met at a Borders book store and sat around a large outdoor table. Because we tend to get into the material and lose focus on those sitting around us, an inside table is avoided. Our discussions are usually somewhat animated and if we're inside we gather a lot of annoying stares and glares, from both the patrons and the staff.

So, between the loud discussions about how to break down and rebuild 1st Amendment, Commerce Clause, Substantive and Procedural Due Process and Equal Protection issues, I came away with a new study plan.

And away we go!

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