Sunday, May 20, 2007

I think I'm going to have to find a more challenging MBE resource. Or maybe the Ginko Biloba is working (;-)>

I did 28 Criminal Law MBEs yesterday before class and got 93% correct. Then I did 35 Evidence MBEs this afternoon and got 80% correct. There are many ways to interpret this phenomenon. I should probably just be quiet and do a bunch of Constitutional Law questions to bring me back to earth a bit. Or not. I could really use a little confidence builder so I think I'll just sit on this little streak of success for a day and call it good.

I'll switch to the PMBR books tomorrow or Tuesday. Confidence is good but, based on past personal experience, cockiness can be near fatal. My Real Property final comes to mind here but, for humanitarian reasons, I won't talk about it. You can thank me later.

The BarBri Intro day is tomorrow at 9:00 am. I hate to drive in traffic (I really, really, really hate to drive in early morning L.A. traffic). Did I mention that I'm not fond of the massive traffic jams that we call "rush" hour out here? It starts around 5:00 am and goes until about 9:00 am. Triple Blah!

I have two motorcycles. One of them fits very nicely between the lanes of almost motionless traffic but it's almost 20 years old and its reliability has diminished somewhat of late. And the other is very new but is about twice as wide as the other and therefore is more of a challenge to thread between the lines of very slow moving cars. I think I'll ride the older skinnier bike tomorrow. It's almost more frustrating to be stuck in traffic on a motorcycle than it is to be stuck there in a car. A California statute allows motorcycles to use the carpool lanes but during the heavy traffic hours that's not much of an improvement.

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