Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blow Back ...

... or something like it, I guess. My schedule has already suffered a modification. I've decided to attend the opening day ceremonies for BarBri. I had previously planned NOT to attend any unnecessary lectures and the Intro day seemed to be the least necessary lecture of all. Then one of my fellow exam takers mentioned that yet unknown first day instructions may hold the key to how best to use the program in the surgical manner that I have planned. So attend, I will. My Evidence review will have to be shortened for that one day.

I need to remain diligent and steadfast to my plan. Monday will actually be the second change to my fresh-from-the-oven schedule. Yesterday afternoon's study plan went into the dumpster for reasons I will not bore you with today. However, I will say that I regret the inconvenience to my family that these two months will impose. But jeez... it's only two months. If they understood who had the most difficult task here, it would be a no-brainer. In that respect, I envy those of you for whom the bar exam is their main (only?) challenge for the next couple of months. Enjoy it now. Life gets complicated later.

Trust me, I'm (almost) an attorney! (;-)>

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