Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pick a subject. Any subject.

My schedule today says Wills. That dovetails nicely with Trusts. On the days when I don't feel like reading I pick up the MP3 player and listen to someone educate me. That I haven't yet done this today tells me that I am suffering from motivation problems. Again.

Okay. So it's Sunday. Perhaps I'll delay my start until noon. I should have gone to Mass. I've certainly prayed enough throughout this ordeal. I think God's probably tired of listening to me. It might be a bad idea to risk irritating Him further by showing up at the church. "Talk to the Hand.", he'd say. "I know why you're here. Just chill out. You'll find out whether or not you're worthy in November. Now go listen to Jeff Fleming. Go on... git!"

The upside to the audio lecture is that I can get other stuff done around the house at the same time. I just have to pay attention to the ear buds. It's a good thing they're only 99 cents at Wal-Mart because I catch the cord on everything, rip the buds out of my ear and the connector out of the jack, and after a couple of weeks one, or both, of the sides stops working. I buy them in bulk.


Alexis said...

with FAITH all things are possible!

The Grand Poobah said...

Yeah... lemme' tell ya'... I sure don't lack faith. Giving up a $70k+ per year job without a secure future for a ... well, a chance that I may earn the same, or less, but with the distinct possibility that my future will be in my hands rather than in someone else's, is a huge exercise in faith. Despite what we usually see in the news, I believe that good things come to good people. So, as long as I'm correct in my self-assessment, I should be okay. Now is that faith, or what?