Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today was a headache day

Actually, every day is a headache day for me. I should own stock in the company that makes Excedrin. I sacrificed yet more study time today to visit the neighborhood Neurologist in the hope that he would give me something a bit stronger than Excedrin just until August. He wants to do another MRI. I told him it could wait until after the Bar.


Hey, I have a question for all y'all... When your studies are interrupted by pangs of hunger, what do you eat that's fast and good for you? I've regressed to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because they're fast and tasty. But I would like a bit more variety. I switch from grape jelly to strawberry jam once in a while but that's not a good long term solution.

I've never been one to eat healthy on purpose so I don't have any idea of what to do here. Does anyone have a suggestion?


kxk said...

I've started to stock up on vegetarian frozen meals. They are generally pretty healthy (stores usually have a seperate little section in thier freezers for specialty vegetarian and health foods). Also trader joes makes a lot of frozen foods that I keep in the freezer and heat up--steel cut oatmeal in the morning is my favorite.
I also have been buying a lot of fruit to snack on.
And, at some point I'm going to start making food in batches to reheat (like soups--that are also easy to cook).
but, basically, the microwave is becoming my best friend.

sorry about the headaches.

biff said...

I like to go to the grocery store and get something I like. Usually this will be popsicles.

conbrio said...

I bought a smoothie maker from Walgreen's for $15.99 and have been making smoothies with yogurt, fruit, protein powder, etc. every morning - it takes about 3 minutes to make a smoothie and they're really good. Other quick food ideas are grape nuts, hardboiled eggs, yogurt, frozen burritos (Amy's makes good ones).

I'm sorry about your headaches too - sending you good pain-free vibes ~~~~~~~~

The Grand Poobah said...

kxk - I should have emphasized more my aversion to all thing in the vegetable section. (;-)> I do like the Trader Joe's stuff though. I used to shop there for lunch items when I worked. I'll run down there tomorrow and check them out again. Thanks for that reminder!

biff - I believe you may be onto something there. The brain freeze I get from the popsicles will probably help the headaches! You're a genius! Shouldn't you be in Med school?

conbrio - Again, a timely reminder. I still have some protein powder from when I used to make smoothies with apple juice, yogurt, strawberries and bananas. I believe I'll have to break out the blender tomorrow.

Regarding the headaches, I've had them for 20+ years. I think the only cure for me is the same one that'll let me avoid taxes.

Thanks very much for the suggestions.

Appreciate it, I do!

biff said...

I hate blood.