Monday, June 4, 2007

Community Property Today

I know my schedule says Evidence, but I've beaten Evidence to death over the last month. I haven't looked at CP since I took the class 2 years ago but it's pretty straightforward and I think I would be relieved to see a CP essay on the bar exam.

In fact, let's do an inventory, shall we, of the subjects I'm more than 50% comfortable with right now.

Community Property
Criminal Law and Procedure
Professional Responsibility

I'm very comfortable with the MBE subjects as long as I'm doing an MBE. My greatest concern is my habit of becoming comfortable with a subject based on general knowledge and, because of that short-sighted confidence, failing to develop the required essay writing skills. I've done it before. I can surely do it again. Become over-confident, that is.

And I haven't even looked at a performance test lately. Blah.


Otto S said...

Hey GP,

Be careful of the bottom less pit that is PR. It sneeks up on you..hehe.

Evidence is one too. The whole question turns on one word. I got cought up on a few today ( civil vs criminal)

As far as CP, well, i just hope it's not something superciliously hidden like reverse Pereira-Van Camp.

Well, back to the books.

The Grand Poobah said...

I got hung up today on the presumptions and Lucas. I'll be needing to make myself a chart or a flashcard for those. Blah.