Monday, June 11, 2007

Crunch Time

This whole Bar Prep thing may indeed be a marathon as everyone describes. But if it is, then I feel like I can see the finish line off in the distance and I'm digging deep, kicking harder, and increasing the pace for the last sprint to the line.

I've modified my schedule to make use of every hour possible. I know I won't be able to stick to it strictly, but that is my goal. I posted part of it this morning and I'll try to finish it tonight.

And away we go!


calbar blondie said...

GP: I see your subject-by-subject schedule. Are you dividing your time between review of the law/mbe/essay practice? I'm thinking that you are in the Barbri course and spending part of that time in class. I remember that being between 9-1pm every day last winter.
Do you mainly study in or outside the home? Thanks for sharing.

The Grand Poobah said...

That's exactly right.... I've listed the subject and then the type of studying I'm doing for that subject at that time. Crim Law "SR" is substantive review; you know what "MBE" stands for; "SAE" is my tutor's short answer essay drills; "IS" is issue spotting; "LAE" is long answer essays. He has specific advice on how to maximize the effect of each type of review.

Because I'm not paying for the complete BarBri course, I'm using it as it fits my needs. Basically, I'm participating in the workshops and using the books. I'm not attending the lectures.

I'm doing all of my studying at home in the spare bedroom I've converted into a study dungeon. I have the place to myself from 9a-4p, and my wife and daughter try to ignore me the rest of the time.

Now all I need is a treadmill, a slot through which they can pass my food, and a full bath. Maybe I should see if Paris Hilton wants to trade accommodations! (;-)>