Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, and to all of the rest of you Dads out there! May this Father's Day be better than last year's and not as good as next year's.

My wife and daughter wanted to take me out to breakfast this morning, and while that might have been quick and convenient, I told them I would rather make breakfast for them myself. My culinary skills won't get me on the next Top Chef, but I know my way around the kitchen when breakfast is on the agenda. Of course, the menu only consists of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and occasionally hash browns. But when it comes to those items, I wield a mean spatula.

My brother introduced me to the ease with which breakfast can be made during the Summer fishing/camping trips we occasionally made to the High Sierra Mountains in Central California. Breakfast was simple and occasionally included some of the Rainbow Trout we had caught the previous day. The contents of the breakfast menu I serve at home has changed a bit but I remember those Summer trips every time I heat up a skillet for eggs and pancakes.

Our Dad made sure that we took fishing gear on all of our family vacations. As we were motoring across the Western U.S. he would sometimes stop when the road passed over a stream and we would jump out and throw a line in the water. I only recall catching one fish on those unscheduled fishing breaks (there's a reason they call it fishing, and not catching), but it was a ton of fun regardless.

So Happy Fathers Day to all of you Fathers out there.

Especially my Father.


calbar blondie said...

Happy Father's Day to you, GP! What a treat for your wife and daughter! My husband wanted the same thing; no restaurant meals for him today. He loves the home-cooked celebration, and we are barbecuing tonight as well.
Right now I'm struggling with the CA evidence rules, i.e. Prop. 8! grrrr
Are you taking today off?

The Grand Poobah said...

I allowed myself to take the morning off for breakfast, guilt-free. But I have been less than diligent in following my study schedule lately so I'm going to try to slow the bleeding a bit by getting back at it.

But this morning was great and I had a good short conversation with my Father after I cleaned up the kitchen. What more can a Dad ask for?