Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time Marches On

And so do I. And I check my study schedule once in a while, looking back wistfully at what might have been.

If I had followed my schedule properly over the last couple of days I would now be an authority on the Federal Rules of Evidence as well as the California variant. Unfortunately, I did not and I am not. Probably 50% of the blame lies elsewhere and 50% is mine. Actually, being the "buck stops here" kind of guy that I am, I place most of the blame on myself. I feel like I should have handled the disruptions more efficiently.

But that can't be helped now, and I'm moving on. I'll pick up the Evidence material again on the day that I was going to spend at BarBri doing the MBE workshop. I'll do the MBEs on my own under the same timed conditions and mail the Scantron to Chicago. Or I won't. It doesn't really matter how I do compared with the rest of the BarBri takers. But it will be good practice so I'll not blow that off.

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